Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Holy Moly Batman, What a Week!

Well, first thing's, first.  I finished the main part of my Stevie's Quilt!  This was a beast of a project!  Initially, I thought I'd just do the center motif but when that was done, I decided to keep going.  I'll have to look to see when I started this.  Perhaps the first of the year?
Rita Verocca named this quilt after her daughter Stevie, so I decided to add a butterfly for each of my daughters.  I let each of the girls choose what color butterfly they wanted to be.
Then, I was able to do a flag for Rich's quilt.  I did a second, smaller flag but I guess it didn't get photographed.

The Quilts From The Heart Quilt Show was this last weekend.  We had Maribeth Schmit come in from WI to judge for us.  She's one of the instructors for NACQJ, formally known as NQA.  She was a dream to work with.  If you're looking to hire a judge for your show, she's a great find.  Our scribes loved her easy form to fill out.  That happened on Friday.

We also had  Viewers Choice voting on Saturday when the show opened.  My crazy quilts did surprisingly well considering we all consider it a dying art.  You've seen these projects before.  I finished them a while back.  This first one got second with the judge & the public in the Crazy Quilt category. 
This one, got first in both.  And, get this, got Best of Show, with the public!  Amazing!  It's even got a block in upside down!  I guess that's the beauty of crazy quilting.  No one knows if something was on purpose or not!  I was really touched and honored by the out pouring of support from my friends & family at the show.  They even set up a special chair for me to sit in next to my quilt.

Ironically, the quilt that got in to Paducah only got 3rd from both the judge and the public!  The long arm quilter that did this quilt for me, Jane Hair, was our featured quilter!  It was amazing to see all her work in the show.  We had close to 200 quilts and I think 32 of them had been quilted by Jane!

Nerd Alert!
I'm so thankful for being surrounded by such great, talented, beautiful friends.  But, I'm also super thankful that nobody needs me for anything anytime soon!

Talk to you soon!


  1. Love that final picture! Your hand work is incredibly beautiful whether it be embroidery, crazy quilting, or applique! Bravo! Bravo!!!!

  2. Of course you know I love those crazy quilts (but have to say that the other one is beautiful too). Nice to see you smiling beside you beautiful work!

    1. Thank you! I was really excited to see the crazy quilt do well!