Thursday, March 14, 2019

Guess What! Guess What! Guess What!

HOLY COW!  Can you believe that?  My quilt Art Nouveau was accepted in the Paducah Spring Show!!!  WHAT???!!!!  I'm a little excited.  I didn't make arrangements to go because I honestly didn't think there was any chance I'd get in.  Now I have to commute an hour each way to get a hotel that wasn't $300 a night!  That's okay.  This is a once in a lifetime thing, I'll make the most of it.  Now Sierra wants to go with me, so at least I'll have a buddy to hang out with.

Other than that blowing my mind, I started a redwork project.  My friend Donna D. gifted this pattern to me a few years ago.  They were part of Alex Anderson's 12 Days of Christmas from, I don't know when.  Not very Christmasy, but I do love them.
I'm using 'Flame' Wildflowers thread by Caron Collection. 
The fabric is a really yummy Moda from years ago as well.  It's got amazing sheen.  I don't remember the collection but I've been hording it since Sweet Annies, knowing it had a special purpose in life.
I've been really surprised by how quick these stitch up.  However, they are eating thread like crazy!  I have to order more again.
I also taught a few classes.  At Jackmans, we talked about crazy quilt embellishing and then at crazy quilt group, we talked about birds nests.  This first one is a hummingbird nest.

Robin's nest.  We also did a crow's nest but I guess I forgot to take a picture.
I took a really fun cake pop class at Toot's in Belleville.  We made pots of gold.  Cute, right?
I made unicorn cupcakes.  Okay, so the horns were too big for the ears.  And, perhaps a bit phallic.  Yikes.  Note to self...smaller horns and larger ears.  The little girl that they were for liked them and no angry mom, so that's what counts.
The Storm Troopers were much more successful.  I've got a commission later this month to make Harry Potter cupcakes.  We'll see if I can make a sorting hat!
I'll keep you posted on the show journey!