Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Finally Got Some Inspiration

Recently I ordered Kathy Shaw's new book "Fancy Seam Designs" and it was just what I needed to get inspired for my CQJP.  I had really stalled on this because I find the monochromatic theme so limiting.  Or should I say, CHALLENGING.  I finished my June block, then went back and re-did a few things on previous blocks.

 It also helped to a little shopping on Etsy.  I got a few brass pieces to add.
 I took out some chunky beads and replaced it with embroidery.  The more delicate seam is much more to my liking.  I also tried a smidge of goldwork.  The bottom bee hive... meh.
 This is my favorite so far.  The white button is made of bone.  I picked it up at a gem show last year that Ethan drug me to.
 I'm excited to share that I've been giving quilting lessons to Sierra's 1st grade teacher!  Barb has her first grandbaby and couldn't wait to make a baby quilt!  She's a little farther than this already.  She's added some applique borders top & bottom.  It's super cute!  I'll share another photo when she's done.
 I worked on our guild's BOM.  It's an alien, right?  Something was really bothering me with the coloring.  It seamed so faded...  only to realize I'd attached the interfacing to the wrong side of the fabric.  So, since I had to do it a second time, I changed the stitches around a bit.  Still looks like an alien that's flipping me off with it's leafy hands.  I sense much anger... don't let the hearts fool you.

 Last but certainly not least, I made a bunch of these cuties.

 I don't know where her smudges came from.  Must have been on the wood...

 And this girl, will do the worrying for you.

I think that's enough for now.  I've got a bunch more but I've been slacking with the picture taking!  Next weekend I'm off to Peoria for my next quilt show vending!!  If you're looking for something to do 8/26 & 27, come over to the Peoria Convention Center!