Monday, May 20, 2019

Semper Fi, Friends

Even though everything has been so crazy, I have managed to stitch a little.  I'm about a month behind on the Hospital Sketches quilt with Barbara Brackman.  It took me awhile to warm up to this Coxcomb pattern.  I know she's following vintage patterns for them but I struggle with abstract designs.  I guess I'm a bit of a realist.  Like, what's the thing at the bottom with the heart?
This one was much easier for me to swallow.  And, I really like the darker colors I chose. A pic of the 3 together.  Looks like I need to include more plum or the dark color isn't going to make any sense in the end.  Also, I need more fabric.  My background pieces aren't big enough to cut 10.5".  These blocks are giants at 20", I think I'll cut them down to 18" eventually.  Darn, more fabric shopping...
I was very excited to finish my heart embroideries.  I thought I knew what I was going to do with them but then when they were up on the design wall, I hated my idea.  Now, I'm thinking maybe wedding rings in the open spots.  Maybe?  I still have quite a bit of the blush background to use, with maybe red rings.  We'll see what happens.
While in Paducah, I let myself shop for Rich's next quilt.  I've always wanted to do a Marine Corps quilt for him.  I had done a patriotic quilt YEARS ago with Sweet Annie's before I worked there.  That quilt was so well loved and poorly made, that it completely disintegrated.  In fact, it's currently the dog's quilt.  I've always wanted to give it a re-do now that I know about take seriously things like 1/4" seam allowances and such.  So, I decided this one will have a Semper Fi theme.
So many of the curent patriotic fabrics are really bright.  That is not Rich.  No one thinks bright and cheerful when they think of Rich.  No florals for my man.  He's more of a sedate, reliable sort.  Needless to say, my sedate and reliable stash was lacking.
There were some fantastic reproduction fabrics available at the show.
This pattern is set up as a block of the month.  So, I'm doing one month a week.  For the life of me, I can't remember what it's called.  I've only had it for 10 years or so.
I just love my liberty basket!
I'm also REALLY close to finishing my Rita Verroca pattern.  I'm done with the applique and have started on the embroidery.  I asked each of my girls what color butterfly they wanted to be.  So, now I'm embroidering a pink, a teal and a blue butterfly flying around the bouquet.  So far, Sierra, is gorgeous as her pink butterfly self.  I'll get pictures soon.

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Code Word: Joy

As Sierra and I wandered around town looking for adventures, we decided to stop in and have our cards read at the local "rock shop".  It's something my mom and I used to do together and I just felt a strong pull to share the experience with my daughter as well.  Now, know that it's mostly for the entertainment value.  I don't think she was telling me my future.  I see it as pulling information from the universe and using that information to better myself as a human.  Think of it along the lines of The Secret.  And, here's what she said.  My life is full of joy.  My future will also be full of joy.  However, if I'm too critical about the small stuff, I'll miss out on the joy that's right in front of my face.  Joy is there for me to choose.  Great advice for anyone to hear, right?  Then she hit me with this...  Stop trying to make money off of your art.  (She didn't know I was an artist at this point)  It's not there for your monetary gain.  It's there for your joy.  Bam!  It felt like my mom had just smacked me upside the head.  I've been struggling for the last year, trying to run my shop, teach classes, I considered quitting my job to find something more artistic.  And, I've been miserable.  I wasn't feeling any joy about my art.  I was SO busy trying to launch a business, I stopped having fun.  Leaving the store, I knew what I had to do.  I chose joy.

Then later, at the awards ceremony, the Master of Ceremony, Victoria Findlay Wolfe gave a talk before she announced the winners.  Her talk revolved around finding joy in your art.  If you're not having a good time, why are you doing it?  Bam!  Alright Mom, quit with the violence!  I get it already.

So, with those life altering moments behind me, we were off to find joy in the Prince Challenge by Cherrywood Fabrics.  So completely amazing!  I LOVE to see everyone's imagination at work.  And, I LOVE me some Prince!
I did not stop to write down all of the artist's information.  I'm so sorry but it's all available in their book.  Go to to see what you can find.  The next one is Bob Ross.  Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!
Loved the fringe thread work!
Sierra loved that they were small.  Not so overwhelming.  You wouldn't feel like you were committing the next 3 years of your life to one project.
Interesting that I was so enamored with the 2nd place winner.  I don't know who won.
Winner, winner, chicken dinner!  Here is Spring Paducah Quilt Week Best of Show 2019!  Such a simple color palette with spectacular results.  And, the sheep at the bottom!
Muttons & Buttons & Pearls, Oh My! by Janet Stone
The center of this is a family heirloom doily.  How she started with the doily and came up with this miracle is amazing to me!
Marie's Treasure by Marilyn Badger
The darker flowers were made of the loveliest striped fabric.  It reminded me of tiger lillies.
Flower Festival by Sachiko Chiba
I thought the background on this was wonderful.  Very crazy quilt'esque.  There was a crazy quilt entered but did I take a photo?  NO!
Ruby Wedding Anniversary by Harumi Asada
This is so lovely in it's simplicity.  I just love the cleanness of it.  Also, pink and maroon with that light green are one of my favorite palettes of all times.  It's just so mellow and orderly.  Everything neatly in it's place.  I little 80's, mom & I had that color pink carpet in the 80's.  A favorite memory of mine.  And, yes, it was my idea but she went along with it.
Seasons of Life by Sandra Mollon & Kris Spray

And, look at that back!
My mind is just blown.  How?
Eternal Beauty by Sherry Reynolds

The cutest AQS has ever looked!  Sierra was the perfect companion for my trip.  She was up for anything.  Never complained.  Super supportive of my every wish.  Joyous.

There was a cornflower blue quilt with white applique called Wedgewood?  It was lovely.  the color really resonated with me.  I'd love to do something similar but I fear using 1 color in my applique would have me stabbing my eyeballs out.  I'm also missing a picture of La Vie En Rose.  It was stunning and I can't stop thinking about it.  It was absolutely inspirational to me!  I hope you get to see it.  I think it won first place in the group category.

And, that my friends, wraps up my experience at Spring Paducah Quilt Week 2019.  A real joy.

Friday, May 3, 2019

Paducah Quilt Week Part 1

Old town Paducah is so enchanting.  I really hope more businesses move in and keep the area thriving.

I just took pics of the quilts that really grabbed me.  Mind you, there were over 400 quilts at the show, so you'll have to buy the book to see them all.  I bought the book because I'm in it!!!  AAAHHHHH!  This teal and pink quilt had me at first sight.  I just love the color combo and the scrappy teal bits.
Anniversary by Michiyo Hashimoto

Gorgeous Baltimore Album.  There were several in the show, each more beautiful than the last.
Baltimore Album Quilt by Akiko Takahashi
A softer tone with a lovely scalloped border.
Bobby's Garden by Nancy Zachik
I love bird quilts!
Espalier by Jann Webb
My favorite style of roses.  And, the quilting is so sweet.
I Was In Love At Once by Kyouko Tashiro
This was stunning with the oranges against the black.  I'm curious to know how they achieved the fading towards the center.  One big piece pre-dyed for just that purpose?
Roses In Hometown's Park by Toyoko Nakajima
The yellows in this absolutely jump out at you!  It almost looks 3D.
Covered in Leaves by Susan Kelley
This Baltimore Album was perfection as far as I was concerned.
Friends of Baltimore Meet South Texas by kathleen Dombi
This picture doesn't do it justice.  Don't you just love that frog?!
A Walk in the Meadow by Debby Porter and Alicia Edwards
Those intricate borders are actually thread work.
Blue Moon by Mary Lorenz
This one was downstairs in a Japanese exhibit.  Isn't it stunning?  Very reminiscent of the black and white in the museum.  Love the garden gates.

Oh my goodness!  Stunning!  How did that not win?  Just kidding, more like, how did it get in?  But, I'm so super proud of it!  It's a big check off my bucket list.
Art Nouveau by Heather Mantz