Monday, April 29, 2019

National Quilt Museum

Road Trip!

Sierra was really taken with their stained glass.

I took a class by KKB a few years ago.  She was teaching the first block in the second row.  She said I had a nice stitch.  Hell, yeah!
Fiesta Mexico by Karen Kay Buckley

Renaissance Revival by Mariya Waters
Close up.  Yummy!
That edge!
For the life of me, I can't find the info on this quilt.  I know it was a name I recognized.   If anyone knows the names of the quilters I didn't credit, will you let me know?  I'd like to update it.
I want to say I saw this at the fall Paducah show and was mesmerized!  I love her use of the black background to highlight the color.
Colorful Dream by Lise Belanger
Sedona Rose by Sharon Schamber
Dare I say, it's even better from the back?

I forgot to take notes on this one but WOW, it's fantastic!  I know I saw more than one of her quilts throughout the weekend, though. I also remember that this was on loan.  She's maybe Dutch?  German? 

I forgot to take notes!!
One of my all time favorites!  I love the plaid.
ElaTED by Ted Storm
Holy Tread Work, Batman!
Tribute to Tolkien by Sue McCarty
Majestic Mosaic by Karen Kay Buckley
Right after the award ceremony, I washed my hands next to Pat Holly in the ladies restroom.  I fan-girled a bit for moment.  Sierra was a little concerned about my mental state... Then at the pre-show, our paths converged as we looked at the quilts.  It felt a little stalkerish.  Hopefully, she didn't notice.
Turkish Treasures by Pat Holly
That edge detail!  Wowsers!

Sierra was blown away by the miniatures.

Silk Road Sampler by Melissa Sabotka
Again, no notes!  Grr.  I think this was a part of another special exhibit.
I didn't think to look but did Keiko sell this quilt to the museum after winning?  Or is it just on loan?  Did her beloved daughter get her quilt stolen out from under her?!  Scandal.  This is spectacular but I could NEVER work with such a neutral palette.  I would be crazed by the end.
For The Wedding of my Beloved Daughter by Keiko Morihiro
AQS was celebrating it's 35 year and the museum was highlighting previous winners.  The exhibit was bonkers!!!!  If you can get there, go.  Otherwise, they have a book of their collection that I would recommend ordering.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Quilts of Valor, A 50 State Tribute

Impressive numbers!  I didn't realize it but I've been with QOF from ALMOST the beginning.
 During my fantabulous 2 days in Paducah, we had an opportunity to view Quilts of Valor's special exhibit.  They were selling their book Quilts of Valor, A 50 State Tribute.  Two of the contributors were manning the booth and signed my copy for me!  I paid $25 but just found it on Amazon for $20 with free shipping.  And, that my friends is why my business is a bust.  But, that's a story for another day... You know what, screw Amazon, go to and give them the whole $25.  Seriously, don't give Amazon their cut of a sale, at a discount no less, that benefits our military!  **steps down from soap box**
Washington State; Chain of Fours by Kathryn Starcher
I just took a few pictures of my favorites.  Not all states were in the exhibit.  I imagine that would have taken too much room.  Also, I think some of the quilts have already been awarded to the recipients.
Pennsylvania; Fluttering Flag by Nancy King
 Illinois made the cover!  Ooohhh Rahhh!  The book is great.  There's a history of women making quilts for the military from the very beginning.  They've got the 50 state quilts and then also includes patterns for 16 quilts!  Fabulous book!
Illinois; Stars and Stripes by Kelly Harvey

 There's just something about the combination of  Red White and Blue that makes me happy!  What a great place to display such an important organization.  I hope quilters and perhaps hopeful quilters saw these designs as doable.  They're beautiful without being overwhelming. A reachable goal.
Nevada; In Honor Of... by Sharon Reader
This is not the same quilt that was published in the book.  Same pattern but different fabrics.  What I loved about it was that at a glance, you knew it had to be Hawaii.
Hawaii; Wonky Quilt by Linda DeGraw?
A picture of me and Sierra walking around Paducah looking for adventure.  They have a great tile wall.
My righteous new clock I found at an antique store!
On our final day, we ate at Flaming Row.  Great food and really fun atmosphere.  It's a little out of the way but I was so glad we made it.  Fabulous Key Lime Pound Cake...

My trip to Quilt Week was most excellent.  I hesitate to use the term Life Changing because I've been known to be a bit dramatic at times but I think it's pretty accurate.  I did a lot of soul searching and feel very at peace with what I found.  I'll share a lot of pics with you in the near future as well as my enlightened thoughts on life.  I know, I can feel your excitement!

Friday, April 5, 2019

It's Getting Crowded In Here

I found a picture of the crow's nest that I made last month.  I love it.  Also, I did a t-shirt quilt for a lady at work.  She didn't want anything but t-shirts sewn together, so that simplified my life a bit.
I was commissioned to make Sorting Hat cupcakes for a co-worker's husband's birthday.  The picture was taken before the vodka/ food color paint dried.  They weren't that drippy and slimy when delivered, I promise.  Sierra helped me with them. 
On Sunday, I spent some time in my sewing room.  I was able to finish the side panels on the barn quilt.  That's a finished top now!!  I also  gathered all of my finished quilt tops (10) and prepared backers and cut binding fabric for them.  They are now packed in a box in the basement where they will certainly be forgotten about and sold for pennies after my death.
The big news is that Sierra moved back home last week.  And what a crazy week we've had since!  My studio is her old room.  In the 2 years since she's been on her own, I've spread out a bit, if you know what I mean... so finding room for her has been a struggle.  Hence, the reason for my box of quilt tops in the basement.  Her big sister graduates from college this summer, so we'll have a spare room eventually but for now my studio isn't my studio.  Not that I currently have time for a studio!  It is prom season after all!