Sunday, March 5, 2017

Are You Going To Eat All That?

Well, here we are.  Prom Season is so close I can almost smell it.  **heavy sigh**. This was my last weekend off until sometime in May.  I tried really hard to enjoy it but reality has a way of forcing it's way into my brain constantly.  I did catch up on laundry, so that's something.

My Caron Collection threads got their own holder this week.  And, now I've almost completely sold out of the threads.  Good problem to have!  The next shipment is already on it's way & I can't wait to get my hands on it.

 All rolled up.  Don't you love those yellow roses?  So pretty!
 I started a new project.  This is a Hungarian Folk Art quilt.  I'm using all batiks.  I've been dying to use red as a background for a long time now.  I'm really excited about the way it's turning out!  The colors are super yummy!
I have started a 3rd block and did a little buttonhole stitch on it but I didn't get a picture.  So far, I'm using coordinating colors and it looks pretty good.  I may need to use some interesting contrasts and see what happens.  Donna D. suggested variegated.  I'll either love that or it'll make me crazy.  I'm a little worried the variegation won't happen where I want it to.  Not that I'm a control freak but, I kind of am.  The picture above is a better look at the red.  It's a really lush cherry red. LOVE...
 This is my March CQJP block.  It looks a bit fallish but that wasn't my intention.  Sticking with the gold monochromatic theme is really challenging.  I'm struggling to come up with ideas.
 I love the bee in February's block.  It was Heidi S.'s idea.  She saw the gold vine ribbon I had and mentioned how cute it would be as bee wings.  I went straight home and made it happen.  Such a great idea!  The block looks a little naked still, so I'll probably work on it some more when I get a little more inspiration .
  Last but certainly not least, I made Butterfinger Cupcakes tonight.  They are SO good.  I may eat them all myself but I should not have that much peanut butter.  It's bound to kill me.  So, if I show put to work tomorrow, you'll know I didn't eat too many.