Saturday, July 28, 2018

Mystery Of the Blue Blocks

Hello, well I've been trying to blog for a couple of days but couldn't access my pictures for some reason.  Dang technology!  Can't live with it, can't live without it!  

After giving up on the Simple Folk project, I changed my mind and kicked out a couple blocks.  I think I was just being grumpy.  You know how it is...

My fingers turned out a bit skinnier and longer than the pattern.  I used some extra lace for the cuff.
Last weekend I had a VERY successful show in Utica, IL.  It was a very small show but the ladies came prepared to spend.  God love them!  They also had a great boutique and look what I scored!  21 fully embroidered blocks!  They were embroidered on a sweet cream background and batting. Drum roll please.... for $15!  All I have to do is sash and put a backer on them.
Our mystery embroiderer had a BEAUTIFUL stitch!
Some are duplicates but not all of them.
Several are en pointe.
I wish I know her original design idea.  Did she intend to do doubles of more of them?  21 seems like an odd number.
The thread was possibly a Sulky Petite?  It's a fine pearle cotton with a subtle variegation.

They're just the cutest!!
There's no mystery who stitched this Orange Blossom!  Yep, it was me.  I'm almost done with Raspberry Tart now, too.
Also, I made 2 pillows out of the scraps from my Trip Around the World quilt, that still isn't put together.
Ironically, before I went to Utica, I had decided no more traveling for shows.  Generally speaking, once you pay for all the expenses of travel and cost of goods, it's hard to say it was a success.  So, naturally, the last one was a big success.  I'm sticking to my guns though, I'll only be doing local shows.  It's very labor intensive, takes tons of time away from my family and I almost always miss out on something happening in real life.  So for now, it's the Etsy shop and a couple local shows every year.

Ta Ta For Now!