Wednesday, August 15, 2018

What Was I Thinking??

It seems that I don't do anything anymore but then I look through my pictures and realize that I'm still puttering around with things fairly regularly.  I think I can share a few of the wedding goings on without giving away too much.  Carmen had a plain basket she wanted decorated for the flower girl.  So, we bought a vintage bread linen and added some ribbon and flowers.  She's using some of the eucalyptus color in her fresh flowers.

 This is my insulated wedding cake carrier.  I did a practice run for work.  I made the whole cake and carried it to my office.  There was NO WAY I wanted to transport a 3 tiered cake for the first time on the wedding day!!  Just a few adjustments need to be made but I think it went really well.

This turned out so terrible!!!!  I'm sad.  So the outer yellow looked the same but then once it was all together, it's clearly much lighter.  I did a big stitch quilting with pearl cotton that I liked but my execution sucked.  It's pretty bunchy in places.  I think that can be fixed with a little blocking.  The worst part is the binding!  Ugh!  (Throwing head back dramatically, back of hand to forehead, very Scarlett O'Hara)  I did a machine faux piping binding and it is atrocious!!  The more I "fixed" it, the worse it got.  It will have to be taken off and redone but for now, it goes to the closet!  I can't stand to look at it right now...
This last weekend I was in Mascoutah for our sewing retreat!  Always a good time.  I decided to make a travel kit in my store colors.  This is the iron caddy that I made.  I just LOVE the floral elastic!  I'd been saving that for a few years.  I knew it would be perfect for something!
 I also made this little carrying case.  I made it inside out by mistake but decided my cute zippers looked great on the outside & decided to keep it the way it is.  The little "pages" go inside and were originally supposed to attach to the bag with Velcro but Katie M and I couldn't figure out why, so again, decided to leave them loose.  I clearly don't read directions well.  Or, I have some undiagnosed learning disability.  Then, with the scraps, I made a little matching thread catcher.  I think I want to add leaves around that rose button.
 I got busy on The Quilt Show BOM.  I thought these blocks turned out really sweet.
 Not bad.
 Ugh, what the heck?  Not awesome but not redo worthy...
 These are fine.
WTF was I thinking????  These are terrible.  The main print is too busy and the other two blues don't have enough contrast.  Redo.
 And, these are sweet.  Thank God, I had Sue H sitting next to me!! I almost started with blocks that I'd already done.  She set me straight and I didn't have to waste a bunch of time!!  Thanks again, Sue!
That sums up the last month, I think.  I've started embroidering some pillowcases because I found we had unembellished pillowcases laying around the house!  Imagine my horror!  I'll share a picture of those later.  Hope you're enjoying your summer!!!