Saturday, October 20, 2018

You're A Wizard, Heather!

Man, I wish that were true!  Imagine the possibilities!  There's been some talk of going to Scotland next year with Hunter and Carmen!!!!  Which led to talk of taking a ride on The Jacobite Train, which of course is the Hogwart's Express.  Yes!  I know!  I've barely slept since they told me!  Any who, I was inspired to get my Harry Potter Bookcase done at our latest Mascoutah retreat.  
The Sorting Hat is the size of 2 blocks.  For some reason, I forgot to print 2 pages of this pattern and couldn't finish it at our retreat.  His eyes are a little freaky, if I'm honest.
Naturally, I chose the Hufflepuff's flag.  When the Sorting Hat says you're a Hufflepuff, then that's how it is.  You feel me?  I love the bottom book in this one.  Little eye balls.
The Monster Book of Monsters was a real beast to work on.  See what I did there?  I really struggle with what color should go where when I'm using PP.  I made several mistakes and barely had enough of the hairy fabric to finish!  A mere 3 hours on one block.  Almost as bad as Hedwig!!  I did think it was clever to use butterfly fabric for his mouth.  Now it looks like he's eating bugs.

 After that, I needed an easy block.  Not crazy about my boring color palate on this one but next to all the others, you don't notice it.
 Then, an even easier block.  Much more interesting color choices.  I still haven't decided if I'm going to embroider book titles on to them.  I've seen them done on embroidery machines that look amazing but you know, I'll try to do it by hand.  I'm worried that the wild patterns I've used will make the lettering unreadable which would just be a waste of time.
 I struggled and struggled with the velum paper again.  Hated every damn minute of it... I finally took Chris Y's advice and ordered some news print.  Went home and finished the Sorting Hat with the news print and it was wonderful!!  Such a difference.  My stitches weren't uneven, the paper came out really easily.  Night and day!  Maybe I don't hate paper piecing after all!  I have 7 more blocks to go.  Then, I have to decide how to finish it.  Fancy,  old, scrolls on my bookshelf?  Modern with a dragon resting on top?  Maybe a Nibus 2000?

I actually had a day all to myself on Tuesday.  It was magnificent.  Rich was at work and the remaining kids both had classes.  It was just me and my pal True.  We made a t-shirt quilt for Carmen's mom.  An actual quilt in a day!  Don't think I've done that before, maybe a baby quilt.  This is the second tractor t-shirt quilt I'm making for Carmen.  I'm really loving this modern layout.  Hopefully, Jill will like it.  The art work in her home is pretty modern/ mid-century. Lots of fun.
Even with all the excitement over The Jacobite, I think I'm going to choose Ireland.  (yeah, they're letting me choose!)  It's more my pace.  Scotland is pretty rugged and there's lots of heights and bridges involved.  Neither are my favorite things.  So, next up a green fairy quilt?  I did the Irish Triple Chain last year.  Do you think I can find a charity shop with tons of old Irish buttons?  Dang it, now I won't sleep for another week.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Dusting The Powdered Sugar Off

Hello, good people!  We did it!  We all survived the wedding.  Not only survived but had a splendid time.  I thought I'd take a moment to share the few ways in which I contributed to the festivities. 

I did quite a bit of work to provide the groom.  He's one of those long term projects, a real labor of love.  Not to toot my own horn but I'm really pleased with how this one turned out.  He's handsome, funny, intelligent and handy as hell!  Some of my best work, if I'm honest.
 I also made Carmen's veil.  She showed me a veil that was selling for $2000 (gasp) and we replicated it for $65 and some time.  We imported the lace that she liked, and the monogram was her design.  The perfect topper for a GORGEOUS bride!  You know that project was right up my ally...
Now the cakes.  The cakes have been making me crazy for 6 months.  I was terrified that I wouldn't be able to pull it off.  There were A LOT of cake trials.  So many cake trials... Thanks to everyone that taste tested for me!  In the end, everything turned out really well.
Cinnamon Apple with Salted Cream Cheese Frosting
Hand Painted Fondant Leaf

Vanilla Cake with Caramelized Pineapple Filling, Butter Rum Frosting and
Hand Painted Fondant Rose

Mint Chocolate Cake with Minted Cream Cheese Frosting,
Chocolate Fondant Heart and Monogram

Gluten Free Red Velvet with Dairy Free French Vanilla Frosting and Custom Fondant Medallion
Please note how I did not drop the cake!  Luckily my daughter Bethany came with me to help set up.  She was a real life saver!!  The bucket underneath was something they found on Carmen's family's farm.  It turned out to be the ideal size.
Almond Cake with Raspberry Filling and Almond Frosting
I made the ring bearer pillow and flower girl basket.  The adorable girls are Carmen's little sisters.
Last but not least, my people.  My family is all over the country and I don't see them like I'd like to.  But, this group, these people fill my heart.  My brother Luke Officiated the wedding.  He really got to the heart of the kids and did such an amazing job.  Lillian had to report for work the next day in Louisiana.  Gib is my oldest sister's oldest son.  We're only 4 years apart in age and have always had a strong connection.  They have 3 young kids that didn't always appreciate being at the adult events for an entire weekend.  I appreciate the effort everyone made to show up for us so much.
Ruth, Gib, Me, Luke, Lillian, Jay
Now what am I supposed to do with myself?  Well, the Hearts n' Hands Guild auction is right around the corner.  They're looking for donations.  Christmas will be here before we can blink.  Then, the guild's quilt show.  Time to dust the powdered sugar off me and pick up a needle!