Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Crazy Ideas

 Crazy times call for crazy measures.  Things have been wild around here. Not the ususal business, that's for sure.

On May 29th I turned 45!  Yeah, I know, I don't get either.  Then on June 4th, my step-daughter Alyssa got married.  Crazy!  I met her when she was 3!  Then Father's Day rolled around and I went outside.  That's when things got really messed up.  Apparently, I'm allergic to something that I wasn't tested for and fluid built up on my inner ear.  I haven't been able to stand up straight since Sunday... Tried to go to work yesterday but fell in the shower.  Then, face planted into the counter while pulling on my pants.

Any who... Here I sit and sit and sit with the room spinning around me.  And no, I still don't drink.

So, I thought I'd show you my last round on the Novice Round Robin.  This is Beth's block.  I'm the final participant and I'm still finding it really difficult to add to other people's work.  I know, that's supposed to be the challenge.  But, some people are much better at it than me.

I used some TAST stitches to inspire me.  The first photo is of the Berry Stitch.

Then, a ribbon monogram for Beth.  I really struggled finding something to compliment the very cool swirly print.  I chose the orchid color to bring out the purples in the swirls.  That is something I've learned through this experience and taking Kathy Shaw's classes.  I like working on solid fabric.
 I did a Sailor's Edge stitch and Colonial Knots to bring more red around the block.  I love these cool beads that someone else used.
This was new for me.  I did a thread weaving treatment around a button.  Something I saw on Pinterest.  I loved it but I could do with a little more practice.  It was pretty difficult to get the base stitches evenly stretched without pulling too tight.  This worked better on the swirly fabric than the monogarm, in my opinion.

I added the rick rack with herringbone stitches and colonial knots because, that's what I do.  Then, the swirl of straight stitches to mimic the swirly dot fabric.  My least favorite treatment.  Sorry, Beth, I was really running low on ideas.
 This is the picture of the whole block with everyone's work.  Round Robins are fun but I might be a little too OCD to work on them.  You know what I mean?  When I make something, I have a vision.  Of course, no one else sees it because they have their own vision.  I think it takes a more talented person or maybe just a more layed back person than me to successfully  build on someone elses art.

That being said, I'll probably start another one next month.  They are fun...

Remember the part where I turned 45?  Right, hard to forget.  Well, I decided to gift myself with a business license.  I've ALWAYS wanted to have my own quilt shop.  Sadly, I don't think a brick and mortar store is really viable in this day and age.  However, an online shop would be the next best thing!  So, I'd like to announce that On The Brighter Side Fabrics is open for business on Etsy.  You can click the link on the far right of the blog to see what I have.  Cant miss it, the badge is GIANT!  Yes, I'm starting out by selling my stash.  Soon, after the spinning stops, I'll add my hand dyed silk embroidery ribbon.  But, that's just the beginning!  I hope to invest in yardage soon.  I'd be thrilled if you stopped by to check it out!