Monday, May 20, 2019

Semper Fi, Friends

Even though everything has been so crazy, I have managed to stitch a little.  I'm about a month behind on the Hospital Sketches quilt with Barbara Brackman.  It took me awhile to warm up to this Coxcomb pattern.  I know she's following vintage patterns for them but I struggle with abstract designs.  I guess I'm a bit of a realist.  Like, what's the thing at the bottom with the heart?
This one was much easier for me to swallow.  And, I really like the darker colors I chose. A pic of the 3 together.  Looks like I need to include more plum or the dark color isn't going to make any sense in the end.  Also, I need more fabric.  My background pieces aren't big enough to cut 10.5".  These blocks are giants at 20", I think I'll cut them down to 18" eventually.  Darn, more fabric shopping...
I was very excited to finish my heart embroideries.  I thought I knew what I was going to do with them but then when they were up on the design wall, I hated my idea.  Now, I'm thinking maybe wedding rings in the open spots.  Maybe?  I still have quite a bit of the blush background to use, with maybe red rings.  We'll see what happens.
While in Paducah, I let myself shop for Rich's next quilt.  I've always wanted to do a Marine Corps quilt for him.  I had done a patriotic quilt YEARS ago with Sweet Annie's before I worked there.  That quilt was so well loved and poorly made, that it completely disintegrated.  In fact, it's currently the dog's quilt.  I've always wanted to give it a re-do now that I know about take seriously things like 1/4" seam allowances and such.  So, I decided this one will have a Semper Fi theme.
So many of the curent patriotic fabrics are really bright.  That is not Rich.  No one thinks bright and cheerful when they think of Rich.  No florals for my man.  He's more of a sedate, reliable sort.  Needless to say, my sedate and reliable stash was lacking.
There were some fantastic reproduction fabrics available at the show.
This pattern is set up as a block of the month.  So, I'm doing one month a week.  For the life of me, I can't remember what it's called.  I've only had it for 10 years or so.
I just love my liberty basket!
I'm also REALLY close to finishing my Rita Verroca pattern.  I'm done with the applique and have started on the embroidery.  I asked each of my girls what color butterfly they wanted to be.  So, now I'm embroidering a pink, a teal and a blue butterfly flying around the bouquet.  So far, Sierra, is gorgeous as her pink butterfly self.  I'll get pictures soon.


  1. I'm enjoying Barbara Brackman's Hospital Sketches too but I'm doing the sprouts. Apparently I've over-committed myself to many sew-a-longs. Hahaha! Your stars are really pretty -- I mean manly! Lol!