Tuesday, February 21, 2023

New York Part 2 & 3

Much exhausted from day 1, we decided to limit the events on day 2.  We started by taking the subway to the Met.  There was A LOT of security in front of the building.  Just behind me in this picture, is several NYPD officers with assault rifles... No one seemed overly nervous, so we didn't think too much about it. 

The closest thing to a quilt that I found.  Hand embroidered on silk.
Some cross stitch.

One of my favorite things about The Met, is that they have whole rooms dedicated to a scene.  Entryways, building fronts, courtyards, all just sitting, living inside the museum like that's where they've always been.
An outdoor fountain designed by Tiffany.
This was by one of Tiffany's designers.
No big deal, just Rembrandt's Self Portrait...
The inspiration for Captain Hook?

I had no idea they had a portrait of me at The Met.  Find the difference.

After a slice of NY pizza and an authentic NY bagel, we went into Central Park.  This is Belvedere Castle.

The Alice in Wonderland statue.
I would love to come back in spring or early summer.  I imagine it's breathtaking!
Then we took the subway to Grand Central Terminal.  While we were on the subway, they announce that you can't get off at certain stops because of civil disobedience!  Never found out what kind of disobedience.  Perhaps the reason for the heavy security at The Met?  If you heard of anything happening 2/19 in NYC, let me know.

Right around the corner was a taco place where you stand at the bar to eat.  That seemed like more fun when we hadn't already walked a bazillion miles.  We had trouble finding it but because I had put tacos on my list of things to do, Shawn was DETERMINED to find them... Note to self, only put it on the list if I REALLY want it... Me, "Actually, I'm tired.  It's not that important.  Let's go take a nap."  Shawn, manically looking around, "but it's RIGHT here!  Somewhere."  The man really likes to check off things a list.  You know how I love lists, and my label maker.  After a bazillion miles, I wasn't very into it.  The tacos were great, though.  And, that was the closest we got to drama the whole time.  The man MADE me eat delicious tacos.  The nerve.
You know how I like a good door.
After a much deserved rest,  (yes, I also got that nap) we went to dinner at Keen's.  The mutton was just as delicious as Anthony Bourdain proclaimed.  We consumed enough meat to feed a small 3rd world country that night.  But, still had room for Creme Bruelle...

Day 3 we slowed down even more.  We walked down to The Empire State Building, which was just a few blocks from our hotel.
I did not go up in it.  I don't do heights.  Shawn has been to NYC a number of times, so he didn't mind staying on the ground floor with me.  After all, go UP in the building was NOT on my list...

The Flatiron Building

We meandered over to the Theater District.  

We finished off the weekend by eating at Carlo's and had Cake Boss cake.  It was pretty good, but it tasted just like mass produced cake.  Fun, though.  All in all, we ended up walking 18.5 miles.  My feet swelled like crazy on the flight home and I could barely put on shoes for work this morning.
On the way to the airport, we drove through Brooklyn & Queens.  I would be willing to do that for a trip all on their own.  Next time to NY, I think more days, less walking, a Broadway show and the Guggenheim.  We had a great time!

It's already decided that for my birthday in May, we're going to Philly!  I can't wait!