Sunday, November 22, 2015

Christmas Presents, Just the Beginning

I bought a new clock.  We've had the same living room clock for 22 years.  In fact, Bethany got a little freaked that the old one was coming down.  She couldn't imagine it not being there.  Weird.

I remember buying it.  It was the first thing that I bought to decorate our apartment when we moved out of base housing.  I felt really guilty for spending $20 on something that wasn't necessary for our survival.  Yeah, we were that broke.
 But, the new clock I bought off eBay was smaller than I expected...

So, after a week of staring at it, I decided to fix it.

I've had this 3 part stencil for years and have put it in several rooms through out the years but I really like it.  So, I used it again.
It's a little scary until it's all done. My paint is a little juicy in spots but if you look at it from a distance, it looks great:)  As does most of my art...
 I've been working hard on my crazy quilting skills.  I wanted to finish my class blocks before I moved on to a new project.  It's getting a bit tough.  Midway through, I realized that I shouldn't have used  so many prints.

I used Joyful Embellishments for most of my inspiration.  I'm not at the point where I can look at something and know what I want to do.

I really liked this rose stem.
And,  I started a new project.  Because, you know, it's fun.  I also need to get busy on Christmas presents.

Again, more Joyful Embellishments.  I also used fancy fabrics that were given to me by a Stitching Angel in Crazy Quilters International.
I used Allie Aller's method of piecing the circle block.  I used a woven interfacing on all the fabrics before piecing, as well as, the foundation piece.  She doesn't use a hoop on anything.
I loved not having the awkward hoop.  The stitching was suprisingly easy.  I was afraid with all those layers, I'd be struggling.  Not the case. 
 I really liked working in the green and purples.

 This is my first CD pin cushion.  A little more difficult than I imagined...
 Stuffing it and getting it to smooth out around the CD was a real pain in the rear!
I need to make 2 more of them.

So, if you're my secret pal at the guild, don't look because you'll see what you're getting for Christmas.
And, this cute little guy is my Crazy Quilt International post card swap.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Power of a Stitch

A friend from work commissioned me to make pillows out of her Mother-In-Law's embroidery blocks.

She plans to give one to each of her husband's children for Christmas this year.  She told me there was no hurry but I couldn't help myself.  It got really excited to work on something new.
I tried to choose simple, traditional fabrics that Mrs. Stubhart might have used herself.   I didn't add anything but a little color to frame her work.  It was important to make it about her stitching and not my pillow making.
 The pillows are lined to give them a little extra stability.  The backs are envelope style for easy removal.

This one is pretty cool and funky.  Her variegated thread made it look really modern.
   I love this green one.

 Marsha kept this one for herself.  The fabric is a sweet little pink tulip.
It was a real honor to work with Mrs. Stubhart's stitching.  A lot of the girls at work had a tear in their eye when I brought them in.  That just goes to show you power of stitch.  I could only hope that my family feels the same way about my work when I've passed.

I know I have a doily my Grandma Bradley made that I treasure.

I hope the Stubhart family has a very Merry Christmas!