Thursday, February 28, 2019

More Blues and Jewels

I got quite a bit done in my last few days of freedom.  Not only was I teaching at Jackman's but I got some of my own sewing done as well.  Barn Sampler is done except for the outer applique panels.  Then, of course, the actual quilting.  I've since done a button hole stitch in medium blue around all of the applique over the barn.
The last block for the Splendid Sampler 2 for Jackman's.  The presentation is complete as well.  That was a fun day!  I do love talking to people about embroidery!  I didn't realize I could keep these when I was done.  Off to the extra block pile, they go!
February's crazy bird block is finished.  I've got mixed feelings about it.  I always feel like a button collage is a cop out when I can't think of anything else to do in a space.  I've got plenty of time to do something different if the mood hits me, I guess.  Sunday, I'll be talking with our local CQ group about bird nest options and then I'm back at Jackman's on Monday night to teach part 2 of the CQ class.  Fun, fun and more fun.
I got caught up on Stars in Her Crown.  I forget which is which.  The more I read about Queen Victoria, the less I like her.  I started watching PBS's Victoria to get a different view of her but it all seams fairly glossed over in that first season. 
I struggled to find different shades of red, so I settled for some orange and red.
The center pinks needed more contrast but it's passable.  I think there are 2 more and I'm running out of colors.  I might do a light purple?  Maybe a bright orange.  We'll see what I've got.
Next up, prom season and then straight into the quilt show... I'll come up for breath sometime in June.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

All Blue

We had another great time at the latest Mascoutah retreat.  I brought along the 2018 BOM from The Quilt Show.  I'm pretty sure it was just last year's and not 2 years ago.  Designed by Edita Sitar.
 We were issued 3 blocks a month and we had to make 3 of each block.
 I chose to do mine in all blue.  Edita's sample was all blue and looked amazing.
 Everything has been out of my stash.

 I managed to do the last 15 blocks on day 1.  On day 2, I got the center barn block pieced.  There is a lot of applique that goes in all that open space around the barn.  Branches, flowers, leaves.  Then, I was able to start piecing the blocks together.
 At home, I got the second panel done.  This one goes above the barn block.  Then there are block rows on either side of the quilt and then outer rows of applique vines.  So, I'm getting closer but I suspect the applique is going to take awhile.  I do plan on machine appliqueing everything.  With this so close to being complete, and the Harry Potter Bookcase done, I'm going to need a new travel project.  I'm sure I can come up with something by June.
Last but not least, I did another embroidery block for Jackman's Splendid Sampler 2.  One more to go.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Not In The RESTRICTED Section...

It only took 30 years, but my Harry Potter Bookcase quilt top is complete!!  You heard me.  COMPLETE!  There were a lot of days that I was certain it was never going to be finished.  It came down to these 3 blocks...the tea cup, Trevor, 
and Bertie's Every Flavor Beans.  I decided against embroidering the book names on the bindings for 2 reasons.  1) I would have wanted different fonts and I don't think I'd be happy with my workmanship, 2)  It would have taken another 10 years, 3) The printed bindings would have made it too hard to read.  Okay, that's technically 4 reasons.  But, you get my point.
Then, I used the Harry Potter fabric I've been saving FOREVER for the outer border.  It wouldn't be my first choice today but I've had it stashed away for this purpose for so long (at least 10 years) that I just can't make myself choose something else.  Quilting it is going to be a disaster, I'm sure.  My PP abilities improved greatly over the years and my older seams are not awesome.  Still LOVE it, though!  This may be the quilt my kids fight over when I die.
To celebrate, I started a new project.  This is the first block for Barbara Brachman's Hospital Sketches.  Periwinkle Wreath?  Something like that.  It was a nice change of pace from the overly complicated Baltimore Album of Roses project I've been working on.  I finished the wreath while watching Season 2 of Game of Thrones, roughly 10 hours.  10 hours to do 1 block of hand applique and I say it was easy.  Make me spend 3 on a paper pieced block and I'm whining like a baby.  I know, I make NO sense. 
Oh, I forgot to post this.  It's from a class I took last February?  Barbara Olsen's Cosmic Spiral.  I just happened to have the day of the class off and thought it was divine intervention propelling me to take a class that expanded my repertoire.  Perhaps the universe was urging me in a new and bold direction with my life.  It was not.  But, I did eventually finish the spiral...
Also, from Barbara Brachman, Stars in Her Crown blocks 3 & 4.  I'm really digging Barbaras, aren't I?

I accidentally left them on the pressing table together and look how nice they are together!  I considered combining the 2 projects to make 1 quilt but I think I've changed my mind.  I'd like to do a Circle of 9 set up for Stars in Her Crown and the swirl will mess my numbers up.  Now I want to bead the swirl and keep it as a small wall hanging.
Next time, we'll take a look at my Barn Sampler thing...I forget what they called it...

Friday, February 1, 2019

February Possiblilties

Staying inside is finally a popular idea, even for my husband.   With cold weather like this, Rich even requested I don't go out.  Nice, right?  Because of the that & the fact that I avoid housework at all costs, I had a little time this month to get the applique and embroidery blocks done for Jackman's Splendid Sampler group.  This pin head chick is... not my style...
They chose the fabrics and handed them to me.  I'm pretty sure it's a collection of Christmas fabrics.   I think I have at least 2 more to do before Feb 26?
 I know, not much progress on Stevie's Quilt but I'm slowly plodding along with it.  I had visions of getting it done before the quilt show in June but I'm pretty sure that's just another one of my pipe dreams.  I did finish my Cosmic Spiral from last year's class but forgot to take a picture.  That could make it to the show if I embellished it. 
I managed to quilt Jill's t-shirt quilt and even remembered to give it to Hunter when he was over the other day.  Seriously, I kept saying good bye, sitting down and then seeing the quilt on the stairs...  3 times.  I also got Melissa's quilt quilted but not bound.  I'm not too happy with the the way the quilting turned out on hers.  My machine wouldn't cooperate and then things just escalated from there.  Blood and tears were shed.  Things got ugly.  Now I'm just pouting about the whole thing.  I didn't even get it done by the end of January like I had hoped.  She literally pinned me to a date of estimated completion.  The turkey!  I may have to do a different quilt for her later.
So, can't say January was a total bust even thought I didn't officially finish my goal.  But, tomorrow's a new day and I don't work much in February so there's hope for me yet!  My goal in February is going to be finishing my Harry Potter Bookshelf!  Perhaps a show contender as well.