Monday, August 19, 2019


Apparently, I've been a little distracted.  I started this blog a week ago and forgot all about it.  My mind is obviously on vacation already.  I worked on Rich's Marine Corp quilt a few weeks ago.  
I'm really liking this second version of the quilt.  The one that I made originally was a kit from Sweet Annies.  At the time, I thought kits were brilliant.  Now, I can't stand having someone else choose my fabrics.

All of these 9 patch blocks are 1/2 the size they're supposed to be, because I can't read instructions.  I didn't even realize it until I was putting things up on the design board and nothing was lining up.  I need 6 inch blocks and have 3 inch instead.  Luckily, the next step in the quilt is to make a lot of 4 inch filler blocks.  So, at least they won't be wasted.  I'll just put 1 inch strips on 2 sides.  Thank God for scrappy quilts!
I think the eagle is going to need some embroidery to define his feathers a bit.  Can we just appreciate that I inked his banner without messing up?  Thank you, very much.
I finished this cute stocking for Jackman's.  Not really my style, but whatever.  It's pretty.  My mom would have liked it.  I'll have a lone, fancy stocking for decorations next year.  Maybe I can fill it and give it as a gift.  It would still be all by itself, though and that seems really sad.
I did another block for my Baltimore Gardens quilt.  I've decided this is the end of that project.  I don't like it at all.  I've also decided I don't like appliquéing with batik fabric.  Which is the opposite of, basically, everyone else.  It's so crisp, it's really difficult to make smooth shapes.  I've got pointy bits on all my curves.  With regular, printed cotton, the fluff in the fabric makes it much more fluid and easy to work with.  Just my opinion, for what its worth.

I was going for Ice Cream colors for the project and I love mint and brown together but it's not working on this.  It makes the whole thing juvenile.  Not worth the time I have invested.  I like the first 3 blocks better but not enough to keep going.  I guess, if I really wanted to, I could redo the hot pink and use something less intense.  As of today, I don't care enough to bother.
Bethany went to Portland for vacation this summer and brought back these beauties for my studio!  I LOVE them!
Last but not least, I did get Hospital Sketches up to date with the Mountain Laurel block.  I do like this one still, so it's a keeper.  I haven't touched the next block yet.  I've been toying with some ideas on borders and am thinking about doing something funky.  Barbara had listed a few ideas and one was so weird, I can't stop thinking about it.
I've done a lot of embroidery and crazy quilting that I will share with you next time!  I leave for Ireland in 2 weeks!  Which is why I can barely function.  I'm so EXCITED!  I've done so much research that I feel like I've already been there and it's messing with my brain.  I'll post a bunch of pictures from the trip as well.

Tootles for now!