Tuesday, May 1, 2018

It's All About That Cake

 Almost no sewing happened this month!  It's been all about the cake.  Lots and lots of cake.  We did a couple cake testings and trials. This is the only one I decorated but it was also the weirdest flavor of all.  I mistakenly used salted butter in the Swiss Buttercream and everyone thought it tasted like kettle corn.  Not gross, but not the flavor I was trying for...  Back to the drawing board!  My co-workers have been force fed my experiments all month and it looks like that won't stop anytime soon.

I did manage to make the sashing for my guild's BOM on Sunday.  It was the first time I'd turned my machine all month!  Then, I ran out of fabric for the outer borders.  I thought I'd be doing something in  a blue plaid I had in my stash but decided I want to do the Cathedral Window sashing around the outside was well.  So, that goes on the back burner until I can get more Kona navy and God only knows what that yellow was... Should be fun trying to find a match.
 It looks like I won't be able to participate in the President's Challenge this month either.  So, I'll post this as my UFO 6 and 6 in 2018 for April.  The challenge was to pick a song with a color in the title.  I chose Blue Danube.  I saw a picture that inspired the applique center.  I used EQ to do my own thing with it and I designed the inner border.  I love argyle.  Once again, I wish my lighting was better.  The outer fabric is a really gorgeous!


  1. That cake looks wonderful - not so sure about the kettle corn taste though. I love that wonderful yellow in your sashing.

  2. That's a clever idea for a quilt - song with a colour. Your cake still looks delicious!