Saturday, May 26, 2018

BYE BYE Prom Season!

Well, hello friends!  How has everyone been?  I feel like I'm peeking my head out of a fox hole to see if it's all clear!  Prom season is over and I can resume life as normal... well as normal as I ever get.  First, I have to show you my custom work station that Handy Mantz made for me for Mother's Day.  He re-purposed my old cabinets by painting them aqua and built a sewing station with custom machine slot.  It's all one piece that includes the computer side with a fantastic glass top.  The glass is also a re-purpose.  We were reminiscing on how may lives the glass has lived.  I think we lost count at 10.  He also included a drop down drawer for my keyboard and mouse.  Mind you, this was all accomplished up a flight of stairs and with a broken leg.  Such a good son.  It's SO FABULOUS and I love it!!  Not pictured is my new pink files and folders... I couldn't help myself.
 I haven't done any hand work in months but I think I forgot to share my progress on the Crazy Village project.  Mind you, this is months old.  I added lights to the roof top, I promise the wreath hangs straight when the photographer is paying attention.
 I couldn't wait to make a button snowman that I'd seen online.
 I did decide to use mostly white for the seam treatments.  The fabrics I chose were so random and wild, I think it's my best bet for having thing "go together".
 I bought these cute stockings along with the door wreath on Etsy.
 Naturally, I've included a Nut Cracker.  I've got a couple extra of these guys, so I'm sure they'll get used.
 Some presents for my friends.  And that's as far as I got.  The blocks are really small so I don't anticipate a problem finishing.  I've just got to take it easy on the carpel tunnel.  No marathon stitching sessions in my immediate future.
 Speaking of marathons... Last weekend I finally joined the girls at our Mascoutah Day Retreat.  So good to see everyone again.  I decided to work on my Quilt Show BOM.  I was able to ALMOST catch up.  18 blocks were made!
 I started using brighter blues and I'm really happy with it.  Gives the overall quilt a little sparkle.
 It was fantastic spending 2 days with friends, sewing but I've been paying ever since.  I haven't had full range of motion in my neck since.  I don't recall being uncomfortable while it was happening but dang!  It's hurting now.  My age is really catching up to me.  I even got my first pair of glasses last month.  Not to mention my Birthday is coming up on Tuesday.

 And, lastly, this little nugget joined our family!  His name is True, short for Harry Truman.  He's actually my husband's Father's Day present but the opportunity to get him came quickly and we pounced on it!  He's a rescue, we know his mom was a Shepherd mix and dad is unknown.  I think Pit Bull, the vet thinks Mastiff...yikes.  I really hope, in this particular instance, the vet doesn't know what they're talking about...
I've got a new project to share with you next week for 6 and 6 2018.  And, a long weekend ahead of me that includes wedding prep, birthday dinner and hopefully lots of sewing.

Happy Stitching!


  1. Have you tried one of those fingerless compression gloves for your hand with carpal tunnel?

  2. Your new workspace looks fantastic ... lucky you!!!! And your BOM blocks are looking good too

  3. Please send Handy Mantz over to my house!! Love all of your work and your writing. Take care with the carpal tunnel...I have it too and found laser treatments really work and are affordable. (PS ImprovQuilter is in Bend Oregon--you know)

  4. Lucky you to have such a Handy Mantz! And amazing that he accomplished all that with a broken leg too. I'm not at sane quilter but I love the blue blocks (my favourite colour!) and of course you know I love the crazy quilt!

  5. Your table turned out great - that boy is definitely a keeper! Love your TQS BOM blocks. I am WAY behind on mine - need to get back to that project. Have to admit that it threw me a bit to see gingerbread houses and snowmen in a post given the weather lately, but they really turned out adorable!