Wednesday, February 28, 2018

6 And 6 2018 February

Hello, doing a quick check in on the 6 and 6 2018 with Pomegranate & Chintz.  February was a UFO month.  I decided to work on the Hungarian Heritage quilt and waited for the very last minute to start.  I sell the book in my shop and I'm vending at a couple quilt shows in March.  Sure would be nice to have a sample to show.
 Like a moron, I decided to do heavy quilting that follows the paisley pattern in the fabric.  I got about 1/3 of the way through it and ran out of thread.  Duh.  I'm accustomed to the never ending Aurifil spools but I'm using King Tut for this project.  My machine loves it, by the way.
 Lots to go still.
 These two cuties went to Norway for a vacation.
 The day went from this...
 to this.  It took 2 full days of travel with a full leg cast, no pain meds and some blood thinners to get him home.  All is well, looks like he doesn't need surgery.  They've decided to live at my house for a short time until he's getting around better.  Which I totally don't mind but it looks like I converted the extra bedroom to a studio a little too soon...
I also stayed caught up on my TQS BOM blocks.  My corners are atrocious but it is what it is.  I came to the conclusion that I will have to do some shopping.  I have a ton of dark and light blue but very little medium.  Isn't that just the way.
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  1. I didn't realize you had finished your Hungarian Quilt top! Yay! I also love King Tut for quilting. Maybe you should get the King Tut cones ... they're practically never-ending. Hahaha! I toyed with doing the TQS BOM. I was going to do it in greens. I may still later .... always later ..... Blah!

  2. I love your Hungarian Heritage Quilt! I've been a fan of King Tut Thread for years. If I was mad enough to want to ski, I wouldn't have to travel far - right now we are snowed in, so I could sky round the garden! Thank you for joining Meredithe and me for this year's challenge

  3. It's just soooooo beautiful ! I love it.

  4. Your quilt is gorgeous - hope you can find more of the same thread. As for skiing - not my cuppa tea for sure. Can't imagine having to deal with all the pain and no

  5. That HQT is fabulous! Hope your guy is better soon. Great job on your 6and6