Wednesday, January 31, 2018

January 6 and 6 2018

 Hello again.  Here we are with the first installment of 6 and 6 2018, hosted by Pomegranate & Chintz and Frayed At The Edge.  January we were supposed to start something new.  Weeeellll, I didn't stop at one new project.  Got a little crazy...  My first new project is Simple Folk by Sarah Fielke she's an Australian designer & has 2 new BOMs for this year.  Both are really cute.  The first month was intense though, we made the applique base blocks (12").
 64 9-patch squares, these are little 3" finished.  She recommends cutting each 1.5" square individually so that you get a REALLY scrappy look.  I agree, that would look fantastic.  However, there was absolutely no way I was going to cut that many 1.5" squares... Nope.
 AND, appliqued the first applique block.  I know, you're thinking these are dark colors for me.  I had a migraine while I was selecting them and there you have it.  I was super uncomfortable doing the applique.  She glues the pieces down then stitches everything together and there is no "pattern block" for placement reference.  Normally, I would do back basting.  This is totally out of my comfort zone.  Which I think is evident in my crappy leaves.  Also, I was very "under the influence" of my migraine meds, so that might have been part of it.  I think gluing is an Aussie thing, Irene Blanck does it as well.  I was just as weirded out by doing Mosaics which may be why it's still in my UFO pile.
 During December's TAS (The Applique Society) meeting, Shirley was sharing a book that she won as a door prize at Baltimore on the Prairie.  It just happened to be a book she'd already purchased.  It's called Baltimore Garden Quilt by Barbara M Burnham.  I chose to do it in ice cream sundae colors.  Inspired by another one of Irene Blanck's quilts.  I don't plan on doing a whole quilt, just a wall hanging.  I don't have enough of the mint green to do much more than 4 or maybe six blocks.  These are 16" finished.
 Actually, I started this in December.  So, really, it's more UFO than new.
 I finished one of the guilds BOMs.  Small 6" blocks.  Only 3 more to go.
Since that wasn't enough, I also started The Quilt Show's BOM designed by Edita Sitar.  She's so talented, how could I resist.  These are 6" and there will be 3 of each pieced blocks with an applique center "barn scene".  I'm using my stash for this one so my blocks are going to be pretty random.
I know, that was more than 1 new project.  However, I'm sure I can still come up with something to share on the other "new" months.  February is a UFO month, so I will try to get something quilted.  Now that the Super Moon nonsense is over, my migraines should go away.  3 days is too much.  The doctors assure me they will go away when I finally go through menopause.  I'm not sure anyone has ever been as excited about that prospect as I am.


  1. Love all the new projects - I planned to start two of your three (Simple Folk & The Quilt Show BOM) but haven't gotten to them yet. I love the chocolate mint Baltimore - it is beautiful! And regarding the glue basting, I have seen it quite a bit on this side of the globe too. Sue Garman did all of her applique with glue! Congrats on getting so much done this month!

  2. What super projects! Thank you for joining Meredithe and me for our 6&6 challenge.
    ps - I don't like glue basting!

  3. Wow! Fun times for you with the new projects. Back-basting is my top pick for applique, too. You didn't want to do the new Sarah Fielke in that method? (My Rabbit Hole isn't that way, because I already have 3 projects crowding my hand-applique time, and have to do Rabbit Hole at the machine.) The glueing method is widely used all over the world, not just Australia. It drives me insane, too. Which is a lot of why Rabbit Hole keeps stalling. . . :)

  4. P.S. I sure hope your migraines do go away. I get them fairly frequently, too, but they respond to "just" Tylenol + Motrin at a prescriptive strength if I catch them as soon as an aura manifests. Sounds like yours slam you harder. :(

  5. Goodness me, I think you have done heaps of work for the month. All of your work looks excellent to me. I enjoy applique, but seem to be a bit slow with it. Looking forward to seeing your quilts evolve.

  6. I started my Simple Folk this morning. I'm not a fan of attaching all the applique to the piece with glue, either. I find it all gets in the way. I try Sarah's methods, then choose what I like the best in the end. I don't mind the idea of gluing the stems, as I usually baste them down with thread. Although saying that, I did baste mine down this morning! I haven't watched the video yet, but I know in the past she recommends finger-pressing around the applique shapes once they are glued on. I am a big fan of finger-pressing, I do it all the time, but I would do it before pinning/gluing to the background. You have made a lovely start, I look forward to seeing your progress :)

  7. Love, love, love your Simple Folk! I think your colors go beautifully and of course your applique will spark it all. You have truly been busy, girl!

  8. Sounds like you have lots of excitement happening with all the new projects. Don't we love starting something new! Re the glue basting - what type of glue are you using? I have just recently learned to use a glue stick and I love it.

  9. Your blog is DARLING!

    As far as starting so many new projects this month, you just have the bug right now. I do too. I am holding back on some things I really want to start though so I can get those UFOs done. I joined a group this year where I have to complete 1/2 of all my UFOs and finish everything I start this year as well.

    I love your applique' projets and I am going to visit the Quilt Show as well. I want to see that barn quilt because I love barns.