Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Various Artistic Endeavors of The Mantz'

Well, call me excited.  Rich installed track lighting in my studio last week!  Originally, I just had the tracks and we took out the ceiling fan in the middle.  It only took me a couple days to realize that was a terrible idea and we got a center light to make up the difference.  I'm really pleased.  And, they're dimmable.  Any Fairy Odd Parents fans?  Dim dim dimmidome.

I have to clear something up quick.  I had announced at our TAS meeting that there were 2 duplicate shells in my Clamshell quilt, much to my chagrin.  However, my daughter Sierra set me straight the next day by pointing out it's the same print but different scale!  Woo Hoo!  It's still a proper charm quilt.  I was afraid I'd have to uncheck that box on my quilt bucket list.


Here's a project that took SEVERAL weeks.  I reupholstered Hunter and Carmen's bus couch.  They had salvaged a couch from an RV but it was a funky 80's pink upholstery.  So, they asked me to help.  Of course, I couldn't wait to get my hands on part of the bus!  I'm sure once installed, it won't look so thrown together.  Fingers crossed.  This was my first upholstery job other than a standard table chair.  Hunter seemed pleased anyway...
Here he is in his "attic".  You can keep up with his shenanigans at
Miss Bethany turned 21 this weekend!  She invited a couple of friends over for drinks and had a Bob Ross day.  Didn't they do great?!

I'm totally jealous.  She didn't think she could paint!

On December 2, Rich and I renewed our vows to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary!  We just got the photos back courtesy of Irish Eyes Photography.  I won't bore you with all 177 but here are a couple of my favorites.  If we're FB friends and you have a burning desire for more, I've got 20 some uploaded there as well.

The Mantz'
Heather, Rich, Sierra, Ethan, Bethany, Hunter and Alyssa

Rich & I holding our first professional photo together from 24 years ago.

I did the cupcakes myself.  We had almond raspberry, cookie dough with hot fudge frosting, honey with marzipan bee and non-dairy french vanilla with the rose bouquets.

The M was supposed to be a cake topper but then I never got the courage to do a proper wedding cake.  I made all of the ribbon bouquets that the girls and I held.
Well, since then, I joined Weight Watchers.  Seeing these photos reinforces my decision.  I told myself I'd lose weight after Alyssa's wedding a year ago May.  But, I gained instead.  I eat my emotions, and I'm REALLY GOOD at baking.  REALLY GOOD.  Now, I'm down 10 pounds but I've got a whole lot more to go.  I'm determined that it'll be a different Heather that appears in any upcoming weddings... that may or may not be around the corner.  No hurry guys but you know, a girl can hope.  And, maybe they'll let me make stuff for it... fingers crossed.  But no pressure.

Toodles for now!  My next post will be my first 6x6 2018 update.


  1. We used to watch Bob Ross all the time here in the Hoover Household! So glad that some of the young'uns appreciate him still! Your wedding was beautiful and I'm so impressed with the flowers you girls got to hold. Great job!

  2. Yay for Sierra's revelation on the fabric - happy to hear that you can cross the charm quilt off your bucket list! I love your clamshells and am once again inspired to work on mine. I would love to have it finished by the time Irene is here but I know that will never happen! The photos turned out great - you look absolutely beautiful (as does the whole family)!

  3. I didn't realize that Bob Ross was still working - what fun to base a party on his painting instruction. You have a beautiful family - congratulations! And I learned something - I didn't realize that a true charm quilt couldn't have fabric repeats.