Monday, February 22, 2016

Novice Round Robin Update

It's been a few weeks but I forgot to do a blog post about Sarma's block!

Sarma asked for an asian themed block with no lace or plastic.  I think she plans on doing a bed quilt.

I did a very simple feather stitch with lazy daisy stitches on one seam.
 Then, I added a rose vine to the spider web that Lynda made.

Not a great picture, I really need to stop being lazy and grab the camera.  Not my phone.  But, I love the paisley.

My favorite is the golden feather.  I interwove metallic gold through the back stitches.  Then used perle cotton and gold beads to couch the black rick rack down.

The whole block, including the beautiful tree and flower cluster that Lynda stitched.  I'm excited to get the next one but have to admit as we get further in, it's harder to mesh with the last person's vision.  It's a challenge, for sure.


  1. Gorgeous additions! I particularly love the vine along the spiderweb seam.

  2. Lovely work Heather! I really love the golden feather! Beautiful! Christine x