Monday, January 18, 2016

Hey, Cupcake

I managed to custom quilt Hey, Cupcake.  It took the better part of 2 days.
 I experimented with lots of different ideas.  I did meandering hearts.

These are supposed to be flourishes.  Not quite as successful as I'd like.

I loved the little crowns but my transitions need a lot of work...

Daisy petals.

I really like the fleur-de-lis and hearts.

I loved the bows.  I've done them before, so it wasn't really new.

Same goes for the meandering daisies.

Cross hatching in the checks.  Loops on the inner border.
I really like the look of these corner loop flowers.

Every time I quilt something, I become a little more confident.  There's a whole lot of room for improvement but not as much as there used to be.  For 1, my Pfaff is fantastic.  Anytime there was a problem, it was 100% user error.  Also, it doesn't like my cheap thread.  I've switched to Aurifil for quilting and I think it's also made a huge difference.

Lay-off is almost over.  Sad face.  But, I've still got some things to finish first.  So, I'll see you again soon.


  1. I think your quilting looks fantastic Heather! One of my goals this year (and nearly every year) is to improve my FMQ.... I am improving slowly!! Christine x

  2. Great job on the quilt! Sorry to hear you have to return to work soon - it sure takes the fun out of everything, doesn't it?!?

  3. Great job! Sorry about that 4-letter word -- WORK! Like they say ... all good things must come to an end! But there'll be another lay-off for you to enjoy!!

  4. Another lovely quilt and design.