Monday, December 28, 2015

UFO Long List

CQJP 2016
This will be my Crazy Quilt Journal Project 2016. We're allowed to make the blocks prior to January but then, not stitch on them until the new year starts.  They're in no particular order.  Each has a
piece of linen in it for a bit of cross stitch.

All the fabric I used was a gift by a Stitching Angel in the Crazy Quilt International Yahoo group.  She was VERY generous.  This little embroidered piece was the inspiration for all my blocks.
Animal Advent

These little guys are a cross stitch advent calendar.  So, I've done 8 out of 25.  Since it's 2 days before Christmas, this is on the long list...
Art Nouveau 

My other dilemma is background.  I used oatmeal but it doesn't show the white very well.  I'd like to switch to light blue but have 8 not match?  Do I do 8 on blue and then switch to another color so it looks like I did it on purpose?  Then what?  Ornaments?  Crazy quilt?  Wall hanging?  These are long list decisions to make.
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I thought I was keeping up with Morning Glory Designs' Art Nouveau quilt until I realized the last couple of months, I was supposed to make 2 of each.  Oops.  And, I'm terrified of sizing up the 3 that fit together.  Here's a screen shot of the quilt with borders.  I love it!  But then, she sent out a picture of the quilt that includes all of the bonus blocks, too.  It's fantastic!  Naturally, I didn't think to keep the picture.  Now I want this to be my TAS challenge for 2016.  12 more blocks and the borders.  Not that we've made a decision to have a challenge.  I'm just going to make my own up for now.

Road Rage
I don't know what to do about this.  I was embroidering vintage cars for a quilt for Rich.  First, I started on white but didn't like it.  Then, I re-did them on dark grey and hate them more.
Not that I want to do them AGAIN, but I think I need something in between.  Or, go back to the white.  But, then the chrome doesn't stand out.  And, we all know how important the chrome is to a vintage car.
Irish Chain

Last but not least, my Irish Chain.  This was one of my bucket list quilts. Wedding Ring and Crazy Quilt were also on the list.  This needs a fancy border and quilting.  The border is 2-toned and wavy with a vine of leaves splitting them.  The wavy part has me scared and so, it sits.  How to deal with the corners is really the problem.  Try to miter?  How do I make sure each wave starts and stops at the right point to match up to the next side.  Hmm.  BTW, I have tons of extra intersection blocks if you want some...

So, I have no realistic expectations for these quilts to get finished any time soon.  I really do need to stop with the new projects and work on what I already have before they take over!


  1. I love all of your projects!! I am starting to think about my list, too - always a bit daunting. You have some fantastic quilts on your long & short many that are very far along! We definitely need a TAS challenge and I can't wait to see yours finished. That is an awesome pattern and your version is gorgeous! The last email with the poinsettia bonus block made me want to start that project...almost. Pondering my very, very long UFO list is helping me with self-restraint!

  2. I'm looking forward to watching your progress on the Crazy Quilt Journal Project 2016! Still loving your Art Nouveau too, including your painted toes! Haha!

  3. I'm afraid I have no suggestions for the questions you are asking yourself on some of your projects. I do have to say they are all fantastic. I look forward to following your CQJP 2016 progress!