Wednesday, December 23, 2015

UFO Short List

I got to thinking about my UFOs...  That's always a bad sign, right?  Originally, the thought was to bang them out during my 6 week layoff.  Totally doable, right?  Um, no.  I have WAY more than I was thinking.  I used to be that person that finished everything she started.  What the heck happened???

So, I layed them out.  I took pictures and made notes of what I need to finish, not counting all the free time for the rest of my life...  Here goes.

On the short list:
Roberta Anne with an"E"
Okay.  First we have my wool project calendar quilt.  There's only 2 blocks to finish.  Then, I have to decide if they are individual minis or 1 big project.  I'm leaning toward 1 quilt.  Fine, first decision made.  Now to buy sashing and border fabrics...
Twisted Mystery 20??

I have no idea what year this is from.  The year before I started at Jim's?  It's huge.  And, complicated.  I'm 95% finished if I want to go the distance. Or, be done with the center and call it a lap quilt.  But then, what to do with all the extra pieces I've already made?  Fine.  Second decision made, I'm going the distance.  I think I only have to make Flippin' Flowers to finish, then convince Jane Hair to quilt it before June.  I'd like to make it a wedding gift.  We'll see if I get it done...
Dresdan Plate

This one has been around awhile, too.  It's not nearly as badly done as I envisioned in my mind.  I had put it aside because I wasn't a huge fan of my workmanship.  But, really, they're pretty good.  I think I just get frurstrated with repetitive things.

I need to decide if I want sashing or not.  I think, not.  It could be cute block to block with little black, little pink, bigger black borders.  Decision 3, done.
Kalidescope Quilt

Another one I don't hate as much now that I've taken a break from it.  All it needs is quilting.  A perfect time for me to master free motion work.
Hearts & Tulips

This was my TAS challenge for 2015.  I need to prep it for a scalloped border and buy backer & batting.  Then, patiently wait for my name to come up on Judy Burk's list.  I'm giddy with anticipation!  So, I guess, basically I met my challenge.  We didn't have to finish the project, just work on it.  I know, we're a bunch of go-getters!
State Flowers

I just have to add a thin black border to State Flowers.  Another one that I hated while I was making it.  Getting it out to photograph, I realized just how much I love it now.  This is another one that I'll quilt myself.
Dresdan Flowers

Here's another REALLY old one.  It's a dresdan flower with origami centers.  I started it as a store sample for Sweet Annies.  So. Long. Ago.  It just needs quilting.  The folded centers make this quilt top crazy heavy!  Rich will love that.
Hey, There Cupcake

I got this fabric for Christmas last year.  I made the top right away but never quilted it.

Baby Quilt
Shoe Shop Girl

I made this baby quilt awhile back and didn't know what to do with it.  Turns out my cousin is going to be a grandma this summer and it's a boy!

Bethany graduated in May and I don't think I've worked on this much since then.  I think it needs 2 more shoes, a border and then quilting.  Now, Sierra graduates this year and I haven't even started hers...

I don't know if I did myself any favors by writing it all down.  I'm feeling a little overwhelmed just thinking about it.  I think I just need to grab one and get started.  Realistically, I could grab 1 a week to finish it.  That would knock out 6.  Not bad for a start to 2016.

Mind you, this is just the short list...

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  1. I love your black & white Dresden plates! Your state birds, kaleidoscope, and hearts & tulips are close finishers. Get those done first! Ummmmm .... except for the baby quilt for the baby that will arrive -- quilt finished or not!