Friday, October 23, 2015

Victorian Boot

I finished my Victorian boot!  It's something I've been working on for several weeks.  It's my first Victorian boot so naturally I obsessed over it.  Since I've been taking these crazy quilting classes on line, I also joined some on-line groups to help with inspiration.

 Crazy Quilters International Yahoo Group is doing a Victorian Boot swap.  It could be any theme you wanted.  Didn't have to be Christmas themed if you didn't want.

My original thought was to do pastels.  But, then I was at Joann's and they were having a sale on some fancy dress fabrics in jewel tones.  So, inspiration struck.

Another peacock.  I know, shocker.  It seems to be my thing recently.
I stitched the bird and used fancy yarns as the tail.

The snow flake is done in a crochet thread that has silver metallic running through it.  I was freaked out using it because it was so think and chunky.
 This floral spray was done with some of the ribbon I dyed on my earlier quilting class.  I dyed the yellow and the coral.
I used Joyful Embellishments FB group and TAST as inspiration for my sections.

The spider web and fan were inspired by Joyful Embellishments.  I did the funky fly stitch above it to mimic the dots on a peacock feather.  It's weird but honestly, what I did first was awful and had to be ripped out.

And, the kicker is ... It's for an exchange.  So, I have to fill it and give it away.  I'm really proud of it.  And, I kinda want to keep it.

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  1. Heather it is beautiful. You should hate to part with this one. I would almost try and do another or take enough pictures so you can duplicate in some form or another. Love the peacock/