Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Power of a Stitch

A friend from work commissioned me to make pillows out of her Mother-In-Law's embroidery blocks.

She plans to give one to each of her husband's children for Christmas this year.  She told me there was no hurry but I couldn't help myself.  It got really excited to work on something new.
I tried to choose simple, traditional fabrics that Mrs. Stubhart might have used herself.   I didn't add anything but a little color to frame her work.  It was important to make it about her stitching and not my pillow making.
 The pillows are lined to give them a little extra stability.  The backs are envelope style for easy removal.

This one is pretty cool and funky.  Her variegated thread made it look really modern.
   I love this green one.

 Marsha kept this one for herself.  The fabric is a sweet little pink tulip.
It was a real honor to work with Mrs. Stubhart's stitching.  A lot of the girls at work had a tear in their eye when I brought them in.  That just goes to show you power of stitch.  I could only hope that my family feels the same way about my work when I've passed.

I know I have a doily my Grandma Bradley made that I treasure.

I hope the Stubhart family has a very Merry Christmas!

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