Thursday, May 21, 2015

Taking Stock

Hi Friends, long time no see!  I'm glad you're stopping by because I've got tons to catch up on!

I'm not even kidding.  So much, in fact that I'll do us all a favor and split it up into few posts, again.  Prom Season is all but over and I've finally taken a moment to look around me and take stock of my life.  And by life, I mean quilting because that's all I think about anyways.

First, I finished the Art Nouveau Tiger Lily.  I love her yellow cheery-ness.  I'm about half done with the May block but there's lots of little pieces.  So, it's taking awhile.  I think I might be addicted to the black background now!  It makes all the colors look amazing!

My third and final "Neighborhood" is done.  I'm not in love with the beading I did to frame it but I couldn't decide what I really wanted instead.  Maybe it's the color?  Doesn't pop as much as I envisioned, maybe?  I do like the potted flower and the binding is one of my favorite fabrics.  I had it out for another project and laid it next to this piece by accident.  And, poof, ah ha!  It'll suck to remove all those beads but I just don't think they're adding anything.

 Did I already show you the owl quilt?  It turned out soooo cute!  The yellow fabric is little owl eyeballs.  Ahhhh!  I did some simple quilting and a faux piping binding.  Even my girls said it was cute & 'modern'.  I was recently commissioned to make another baby quilt.  I'm looking forward to that!
TAS issued a challenge this year to get a UFO done this year.  I chose my Hearts and Tulips project.  I may have already shown you this as well.  Honestly, I can't remember.

I'm not sure the red and blue works with the rest of the project.  But, looking at my picture, I think what's bothering me is the messy embroidery.  Maybe if I clean up the hearts a little, I'll like it better.  The red and pink plaid is one of my all-time favorite fabrics, so it can't be that...

I think this is where I will leave you for now.  There's much more to come but I don't want to out stay my welcome!

Hope you have an amazing day!

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  1. Looks GREAT! I'm looking forward to "Installment #2"!