Saturday, May 30, 2015

Pomp and Circumstance!

Lots of weird stuff happening at the Mantz house.  Hunter turned 21.  It's totally surreal to see him have a beer with dinner or buy a bottle of wine on a road trip.  I'm used to all that stuff being hidden from me...

Any who, it was past time to make a new Birthday table runner.  I made one, really badly, years ago.  It was one of my very first projects.  So, we're talking YEARS ago.  The old one was stained and shredding enough that after Bethany & Rich's b-day in January, I just tossed it.  I used the cake pattern from Snap Shots, a free online pattern through The Fat Quarter Shop.  Again, my girls thought it was very modern for me and gave a thumbs up.  Yes!  I'm on a roll!

 So, for about 5 years now I've been doing this State Flowers embroidery project.  Last we spoke about it, I was hating on it pretty hard.

I have good news!  I'm finished!  What?!  What?!  That's right, you heard me.  They're done!  Please insert "Pomp and Circumstance" here.  Now imagine a little parade, with confetti....  Ahhh, thanks guys! It means a lot to me!  My family just wouldn't cooperate.
I split up the pics, again.  Don't want you to get too bored but I'll be darned if I'm not going to post every last one of them!

  I thought Wyoming was kind of cool.
Last but not least, Bethany graduated from High School.  Cum Laude, I might add. (Pomp and Circumstance, another mini-parade).  She chose to take the cash instead of my throwing a party.  Smart kid, did I mention she graduated with honors?  Even so, I still made this super cute table runner for the family dinner/ day of overflowing emotions!  She wanted to take it with her but doesn't have a table in her little apartment.  So...I guess  that means, it's still mine!

Tune in next week for more State Flowers!  Same Bat channel!


  1. Love Bethany's table runner!!!!

  2. Your state flowers are awesome!! Can't wait to see them assembled!