Saturday, April 11, 2015

Choices, Choices, Choices

I finished the Mar BOM just in the nick of time.  I'm pretty happy with my plums.  Apr is a Tiger Lily but I think I need to buy some yellow fabric before I get started.  But, I need some time off to get to the fabric store.  Which means, it could be awhile.
Since it's prom season, I decided to dig out my State Flowers quilt.  I seem to only work on this during season.  Seriously.  I've been working on this for YEARS.  I started back when I was working at Sweet Annies.  Maybe 4 years now, close to 5?  There's a lot of states.

Montana was quick and easy...  I finished in 3 days.
Pennsylvania, however took 2 years.  I've decided I hate embroidered wild rose.  SO MANY states have the wild rose as their flower.

I was really curious what I had so far.  I laid them all out and it turns out this is going to be a HUGE quilt.  The funny thing is, the original idea was to add solid squares between each flower.  There are still 15 more to go.  I've got a few really ugly ones.  I totally regret using pale pink and white on my flowers.  And, South Carolina was just ugly for ugly's sake.  The plan right now is to finish them this prom season.  If they ever become a quilt, will be another issue.

Life is all about choices.


  1. Your plums look fabulous, Heather. Can't wait to see your tiger lilies, too. What a lot of work and lots of hours went into all those completed states blocks. It really would be a shame if you didn't make them into a quilt when finished. They look fabulous all laid out together. Nice work!

  2. You sound disheartened but the quilt is going to be lovely when finished. Perhaps you won't need a lot of plain blocks between the states and can make a smaller quilt.