Thursday, January 1, 2015

A New Year, Same Old Me

Happy New Year my dear friends!  I hope this post finds you and yours safe and healthy.  This was the first New Year in, God knows how many years, that Rich and I spent together.  He's either sleeping or working.  It was a real novelty to get that midnight kiss!  I'm hoping that means that this year is going to be awesome!

I woke up this morning so energized and looking forward to 2015!  Normally, I don't do resolutions.  I like to change things as I go.  Why wait for a certain day to do this or that to make yourself a better person?  Just do it.  Besides, I'm not that bad as I am.  Just sayin'.  That being said, I am aware of how much room I have for improvement.

So, I went shopping and spent a little money on myself.  That was tons of fun!  There are all kinds of sales on Jan. 1!  I don't usually leave the house so, this was news to me.  I bought a frame to finish my Quilty Stitches project!  It's a little crooked and I couldn't get out the mysterious pink stains...  If you don't look too hard at it, it looks great.  You know, at running gallop, someone would think it was perfect.  And, that's all I aspire to.

Hey, I remembered what I was calling Bertie's Year.  The working title is "Roberta Anne, With an "E" Because That's How The Queen Spells It."  Just rolls off the tongue, doesn't it?

I like to imagine my mom as the bird.  It's like I'm bullying her into these cute situations.  For April, she gets to wear this great bunny hat and tend her pretty eggs.

Here's the difference between me and my mom, vs. me and my kids:

Me: "Mom, put on this bunny hat!  It's going to be awesome."
Mom: "No, I'll look like a moron."
My kids: "Mom, take off the bunny hat, you look like a moron."
You see the difference there?

So, then there's my newest project.  My friend Vicki R.  gave me the cutest panel and some companion fabric for Christmas!  She gets me:)  It's all about cupcakes and being a princess.

I cut up the panel and have been working it into random blocks.  Such a fun project so far!  The blocks take almost no time because they're so simple.
I'm just trying to make everything into 12" blocks and when I'm done, I'll have to see what I have.  That first block at the top however, measures 12.5, finished.  Dang it.  But I didn't want to trim anything off, so, I'll finagle something.  Then, this one is 24" finished.  That'll be easy to work in.

One of the problems with working with a panel is that some of my letters are being shaved off.  Nothing too horrible so far.
Isn't this one cute!  I had an extra shoe left over from Bethany's shoe quilt because I had made it backwards and it just happened to be the perfect color of golden yellow!  This is why we don't throw things away.
Here's what I have so far.  Obviously, it's a work in progress.

I start layoff on Jan 5.  I'm so excited!  If I can keep myself focused, I'm going to finish up lots of projects, rearrange my sewing room, and get a handle on my life.  In between the loads of doctor appointments we have scheduled.  And, you know, feeding the hoards.


  1. Happy New Year! All of your projects look great! Enjoy your time off - hope you get lots accomplished!

  2. Love the shoe block! The cupcake panel speaks volumes, eh? Love it!!!! Can't wait to see what all you get done this month. You are amazing!!!!