Sunday, January 11, 2015

Hey, Cupcake

Holy cow, so many pictures!  I'm just going to apologize right off for that.  And, the weird carpet stain outside my son's bedroom door.  God only knows...

So, last time I told you about the Hey, Cupcake fabric I got for Chistmas.  I was super excited and scoured all my patterns, looking for applique blocks I could add to it.  I knew I'd saved those patterns for a reason!

I've got an obsessive personality.  Once I latch on, I don't let go until I'm done or bored.  So, I basically worked on this constantly for a week and half.  Between work, dr. appts and all that other crap.  And, here's what I came up with.
I tried cutting the panel up using the standard block sizes so I could end up with 12" in the end.  That turned out fairly easy with only a little shaving of the words.  I think they do that on purpose, so you buy more than 1 panel.  It's so hard to shave off the cuteness.

I did a lot of half square triangles with my favorite cream and yellow dot fabric.  Then, came across this lay out by accident because I didn't have enough of this color to do my original thought.  I love it.
This block originally was just a 4 patch with with red squares but it looked like a big blob of red with no purpose.  So, I used some left over checkers to make this a little bit more interesting.
Love this pink!  What's funny, is Vicki told me when she gave me the fabric that I'll never get that pink right.  It's kind of pink/peach.  It turns out I had A LOT of salmon laying around.
I downloaded a coloring page off the internet for this applique block.  And, tried for another unique layout.
 Another stray applique pattern from a book.  Sorry about the crappy photos.  I used my iPhone because I was too lazy to go dig out the camera.

I love her crown and matching bag.
This is my 2 in 1 block.  I couldn't do a 12" block with those skinny panels so I made a 12" x 24" and some checkerboard.  I love checkerboard.  I think I must put it in everything that is my own design.
 This is two blocks.  The checks lined up perfectly and by accident, I might add!
This is what's above the previous pic.
 I've used this cupcake 1/2 a dozen times in various projects.  I love me some cupcakes.  I wanted to do the roses also but they're just circles.  I thought it would be boring as applique.
Oh, I lied.  This is the block that was a red 9 patch.  I thought I was being clever by adding arrows pointing to the center.  Then I realized I made a star.  Yep, real clever.
Another internet coloring page.  And, I think it's my favorite.
 Kept this one simple.  Nothing wrong with that once in awhile.
My shoe.  I think I've shared this before.  It's still awesome.

My other favorite.  Can't you just see this dress with that bag.  CUTE!  Another bad picture.  The background is cream, not yellow.

I went to Jackman's recent sale to get the outer border.  I decided on the cupcake fabric but in black with the black and white stripe as the binding.  I'll share a pic when I get it put together this week.

Other than that, my other obsession has been  I made myself not work on that today because it was becoming a problem.  Seriously.  Rich's family is only 6 generations American so, there hasn't been much to look up for him.  However, the Purdy's, Bradley's and Hass's have been here since the pilgrams.  I've only made it to the Civil War on the Bradley side which would be my mother's paternal side.  I've fallen in love with Quintilla, Peni Money and Beulah Bradley.  The men however have been decidedly boring.  Robert, James, William.  SO MANY generations with all the same names is making my head spin.  Trying to line up spouses, making sure you don't marry them off to a cousin with the same name...

Have a fabulous week!


  1. The cupcake quilt is so cute! Great work designing it - very fun!

  2. WOW!!!! I love how it's all coming together. Can't wait to see the finished project! Have a GREAT week!!!