Wednesday, September 14, 2022

The Big Move

Hello dear friends, I got the big move done.  It was every bit as dramatic and heart wrenching as I had imagined but it is finally done.  The story would have been clearer and more concise had I told it right away but I was wrecked and over-whelmed.  I needed a couple weeks to breathe.

But first, Hungry Like The Wolf.  I bought tickets for Duran Duran back in May for my birthday, before I had decided to change jobs and move.  As my excellent planning skills would have it, the concert was in Chicago the weekend before my move to STL.  The concert was fantastic!  I'm so glad to have shared that moment with my bestie cousin Denise.  We've been hard core Duranies for 40 years & I wouldn't have wanted to experience it with anyone else!  Alas, Simon did not come to his senses and run away with me, so I returned home to make the big move.  I also had my first professional massage.  Girl, it was AMAZING!


I'm sure that I've already whined about this, but I down sized by 2/3s.  It's been painful.  I was getting rid of stuff left and right for 6 weeks.  I knew a lot of the furniture was too big, etc.  On the day of the move out, I realized I was still in trouble.  First, the movers explained there were some things they couldn't take; paint, anything that had fuel in it, like the generator.  So, I texted my son to let him know I might need some help at the end of the day.  As the day wore on, they tell me that I needed to prioritize what I wanted them to take, because not everything would fit.  Meanwhile, my back goes out and I lose the ability to walk upright.  I'm sure this was stress related because I was NOT trying to lift anything heavy.  So, in comes my hero, Hunter.  He grabbed the last U-Haul they had which was also the largest they provide.  Beggars can't be choosers, I'm thrilled he was able to get anything.  With 2 hours to go before the final walk through, Hunter, Bethany & Ezra are throwing EVERYTHING they see into the U-Haul.  I STILL run out of room in the second truck and have to leave 2 large, plastic raised garden beds behind.  UGH!  We barely made it out 5 minutes before the inspection.  I text the realtor apologizing for not cleaning & promising it will be done before the closing the next morning.  I'm back at the house @ 5am the next day, trying to not be the a-hole that leaves a huge mess for the new owners.  And, I sage the crap out of the place!!  I have a good cry in the garage, saying goodbye to Rich.  The garage was his space & I had been really struggling to be any where near it for any reason without vomiting and basically being crazy.

Then I went to sell the house.  I manage to keep my shit together for the signing.  I felt numb, like nothing could ever upset me again.  I'm totally at peace with my decision.  Then they ask if I want to meet the new owners.  I completely lose my mind & ugly cry right there in the office.  My realtor, says, "I'm going to say that's a 'no' and give you a moment."  I have no idea how long it took me to calm down.  I ask to use the restroom before I head to my next meeting to pull myself together.  Someone has just stunk up the restroom to high heaven and not used a courtesy spray!  I'm gagging & choking on the smell.  Snot & tears are flooding out of my face faster than I can clean it up!!  Thus endeth my recidency in the state of Illinois...

Off to Missouri, I go.  My realtor there brings me donuts & wants me to have my photo taken with a giant key.  Please see previous paragraph where I mention copious amounts of tears and snot.  No pics, thanks.  He hands me my keys and wishes me luck.  I head to the new house & the key doesn't work...  Surely, this is a mistake.  So, I try for 5 minutes trying to make the key work.  Front door, back door, nothing.  I text the realtor & go to lunch.  I will not panic & lose my mind.  I.Will.Not.  I go to Berix, which is a great Bosnian restaurant down the street.  Turns out, I just needed to pull hard on the door to make the key work.  Thanks for the warning, guys...

Here we are at The Ranch.  The above photo is the view of the Arch from my neighborhood.  My house is 2 blocks to the left of that point.  The Ranch was built like a bomb shelter in 1959.  My neighbors are amazing!  One of them even stopped by & helped Hunter unload my the U-Haul.  So sweet & welcoming!
I considered not sharing photos until things got cleaned up but I'm beginning to think that's not happening for awhile.  Maybe the before and after pics will be more dramatic this way!
I bought the tv stand and rug just for the house.  Still waiting on the couch & dining table delivery.  I built the console in the dining room, poorly.  I managed to break the drawer slides by putting the drawers in upside down.  Long story, not as long, the bottom drawer won't open now...
My kitchen solution until I can have this area redone as a butler's pantry, of sorts.
The main part of the kitchen.  I'm going with a lemon theme, because as know, when life gives you lemons... you throw them at people...just kidding.  I'm making lemonade.
The bathroom is basically the only finished room.  I painted the peach color on the walls, painted the cabinet green, got a new curtain and built the shelf behind the toilet.  I'm still waiting for the drawer pulls for the cabinet.  The shelf was ridiculous installing.  If it was put all the way together, it would hang up on the light fixture after tilting it over the top of the tank.  So, I put the shelf in and added the base and back supports after it was in place.  Nothing is more fun than being 51, crouching on a tile floor with your face in the toilet trying to screw in shelf supports...  But, look at the left side of the picture.  I have a laundry shoot!
The tile work is nice but if you know me very well, you know I hate beige.  Don't get me wrong.  It has it's place in the universe and I don't wish it harm.  It just doesn't belong in my home.  If you know how to get mildew out of the seams of these glass bricks, please let me know... it's a thing.
The office.  The picture doesn't do the pink in here justice.  It's Pepto pink.  I love pink, but this is too much, even for me.  I tried to find my sewing machine & the box in front lost it's bottom.  So, now I have books and sewing notions all over the floor.  It's like quilting vomit, everywhere.  My little quilting teddy bear on the right is begging for help!  Can't find my machine, but I see my award ribbons in the back!  Always have my priorities in check!:)
Bethany came in and painted my bedroom for me!  She did it all but the cutting in.  As I was doing the cutting in, I had a major catastrophe.  Yeah, I know, use a tarp.  Here's the thing.  I trip on those EVERY TIME I use them and still end up with a mess afterwards.  I lost a pair of shoes on this one.
The finished product. 
In an effort to conserve space, I decided to forgo a dresser & pretend I live in a closet.  I repurposed the cube shelving from the old studio into a "closet shelving" unit.  I'm reusing the old studio curtains and art work.  Apparently, my walls are cinderblock & cement.  Getting art and curtain rods on the wall has been a challenge.  The walls are too textured for 3M strips... I've got a hanging lamp from the old studio that I'd like to use if I can get a hammer drill to drill through the concrete ceiling to install a hook.  The bedspread and rug are from my old coral & teal room.  I tried going with 'fun' metallic silver cube boxes to hide the panties & bras but they're just tacky, so I'll probably be changing them out with some pink ones that I already own.  I promise to put my laundry away one of these days...
This is an idea I saw on Pinterest.  I gave Bethany my jewelry chest, knowing I wouldn't have room.  It's working out pretty well.  The rosary beads on the left were my mother's.  I've got the smaller bits in some trays on the shelves.
And, that's The Ranch, so far.  I don't think I'll share the basement.  That's Ezra's private space and I'd like to respect that.  I'll save the yard situation for another day.

I've really been trying to pace myself.  I'm trying to live in the present & forgive myself for not having the drive to fix everything at once.  So far, in between opening boxes, assembling furniture & painting things, I've gone to the Modern Quilt Guild with my friend Cindy, The Japanese Festival & a farmer's market with my niece Christine, a movie on my own, and movie night on my living room floor with Bethany.  My regular quilt guild meeting was last night & I plan on hanging out with more friends this Saturday.  Then there's a family dinner on Sunday.

Thanks for coming along for the ride, guys.  Hope you're all doing well & having some fun.


  1. You're such a strong woman to undertake a big move and as far as I'm concerned you deserve a few snot-filled ugly cries.
    Reading the bit about cleaning the mildew....there's a Lysol spray on cleaner called 'Bathroom Bleach Cleaner' (comes in a purple container). We live in an apartment with 50 year old tile and grout around the tub (yeah, yewww) and this stuff is the ONLY thing I've found that will even come close to dealing with the mildew. Just don't spray it when you're wearing good clothes because I don't know if any overspray would cause damage. It smells somewhat of bleach but not overwhelmingly so.

  2. You never cease to amaze my and I look forward to your posts as hard belly laughing is good for the soul. Without you, I have belly laughing on rare occasions. I just love everything about you and your life unsupervised stories.

  3. You're doing an amazing job of keeping it all together even if it doesn't feel like it. You got this, girl!