Thursday, September 29, 2022

Stop The Presses!

Stop the presses!  I have a living room!  My house has been much like a camp site for the majority of the month.  I didn't want to order new furniture until I actually OWNED the house.  Then delivery was several weeks out.  From the beginning, I told myself I could go as bold as I wanted.  The emerald green couch from the old house is now in the basement.  For this house, I wanted to reflect a little Mid Century Modern with as much bright and cheerful as I could manage.  Yes, I did totally panic when I unboxed that, very orange, couch.  But, honestly, I love it.  I'm so happy to have a place to do my stitching.  Not that I've been stitching, but if I wanted to, I totally could.
All the artwork, quilts and house plants are from the old house.  Just the couch and rug are new.  The upper paint color is Sherwin Williams Honeyed Mint and the lower is Storybook Green.  In my mind, I was going with a totally different green for this room as opposed to the bedroom  In reality, they're really close.  There is more yellow in the living room color but not by much.
The TV stand is new.  I think it's super cool and Mid Century Modern.  I love having somewhere to hide my DVD collection.  Previously, I kept them on a bookshelf.  I know DVDs are antiquated and I could stream what I want to watch but I love my collection too much to part with it right now.  Note to self: hide that white cord.
I lost 5 houseplants in the move.  They weren't doing great leading up to the move, and with my space constraints, I decided to pare down.  LOL, I just have a measly 25ish now...  Here's a close up of my current favorite.  I love how painterly the leaves are!  That pink!  💗💗
I had a clean room for almost a full day before I decided to empty out the office to start on it...  It's all a process.  Did I tell you my safe disintegrated during the move?  I was putting some documents away in the fireproof safe when the lid flew off!  The darn hinge had completely rotted and it chose the week of the move to fall apart.  The movers wouldn't take the safe because there was no lid.  So all the important stuff got transported in an open laundry basket in Bethany's car.  Then, at the new house, it ended up scattered all over the floor in the Pepto office.  Oi!

I had hoped to work on the office this week but I managed to get a pinched nerve in my left shoulder.  I believe the bookshelf you see in that box, front and center, is to blame.  Or maybe, the stress of the year is finally catching up to me.  Either way, I'm off to find a chiropractor on this side of the river.  

Hope you're all safe & happy!



  1. Heather. It’s shaping up to look great!! Take your time you’ll be pleased with the outcome! I love the orange couch!!

  2. I totally love your orange couch especially with your paint color!! It looks amazing!