Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Holy Mother of God, Send Help

 It occurred to me this morning on my commute that I haven't checked in with everyone in awhile.  It's not for lack of stuff happening, that's for sure.

On July 1st, we had Rich's funeral.  He was interred at Jefferson Barracks with full military honors.  We only invited our core family to join us.  It was very bittersweet to see the people I love celebrating the man I love (but am still mad at).  Then we all had to rifle through his prized possessions so that his legacy (tool collection) could live on. A "good time" was not had by all but it was necessary to move forward with our healing.  The grandbabies did get to meet, though.  Damn, they're cute and both SO well behaved!  It was blistering hot and they were just as sweet as pie the whole time.

Then on the 5th I started my new job.  It's night and day from my previous job.  I under-estimated how hard it would be on my self-esteem to not know what I'm doing!  I was with Jim's Formal Wear for 10 1/2 years.  It was a fairly high pressure job but I was confident in what I was doing.  At Echelon Supply, the pressure is almost non-existent but I know absolutely nothing.  So, I feel like an idiot but no one is worried about it.  I guess that's a good thing... 

Thinking it would take some time, I decided to put my house on the market the second week on the job.  I wanted to find something smaller and closer to the new office.  Spoiler alert, it did not take some time.  It was on the market for 30 hours when we received an offer.  Yikes!  So, I placed an offer on a little 1959 ranch-style (very Doris Day) in Mehlville.  Double yikes.  In case you're wondering, the new house is half the size of the current but has a higher market value... The taxes in MO are lower and of course the maintenance of a house half the size should be easier for me to handle, not to mention the fuel cost of commuting.  So, I still feel like I'm making the right decision.

Queue inspection drama: So the buyers requested an inspection, we got all cleaned up & prepped for it.  I made the mistake of watching the security footage of the event.  The buyers invited people to see the house, plus the numerous inspectors doing the various tests.  It felt very invasive.  That night I get a text from the real estate agent wanting to know why we cut the water to the upstairs toilet.  What?!  I go see what's up, sure enough, Ezra's water is turned off to their toilet.  Wild speculation and panic ensues.  I was worried they would think I was trying to hide a problem that I was actually unaware of.  Turns out,  the toilet was making a noise that Ezra found annoying, so they shut off the water and forgot...  Nothing wrong with the toilet.  Holy Mother of God, send help.  Tonight is the inspection of the new place.  We'll see what that brings.

Are you wondering how I'm handling the stress?  Here's a fun story.  Yesterday afternoon I had a migraine but didn't take my meds because I knew I had to drive home.  By the time I made it to Troy, I could barely see straight, ready to vomit.  Took my meds and laid down.  Shit!  Where'd I leave my phone?  I must have left it at the office.  Can't send any paperwork or pics for moving quotes, need my phone for that.  Can't send copy of ID to the mortgage company, need my phone for that.  Crap!  My phone is my alarm clock.  Okay, download an alarm on to my laptop but it requires the laptop to not go to sleep or be closed.  Okay, okay, we can work with this.  Just plug it in.  Wake up at 1am worried that the alarm didn't work.  Double crap, the laptop isn't charging while it's plugged in.  It's going to be dead by 6am.  Never forget your phone at work again, Heather Mantz!  Order a back up alarm that plugs in the wall like the one you just donated to Good Will last week.  Can't go back to sleep now!  What if you don't wake up in time for your brand new job?!  7am rolls around, I'm packing the car for work, oh look!  There's my phone plugged into the car!  Sweet Baby Jesus, send help!

Next is to gather all the paperwork.  Get rid of half my stuff.  Get those quotes from the moving companies.  Change states and continue with my new life...

Blessed Archangel Michael, send help!


  1. Oh my word! You never have a dull moment do you. Moving to a smaller house will be easier for you but a difficult transition nonetheless.

  2. Luv u!! Wish I lived closer!! Please reach out if you ever just want to talk or vent. Also I say buy the boss some organization supplies for Christmas and a bottle of nail polish!!!

  3. Your story and the way you send it out is miraculous. I’m sure there are a few extra words thrown out like when you find your phone in your car. Oh my!! I’m here and ready to help pack move and purge! Seriously. I hope that new job knows what a gem they have hired!!!