Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Is DIYing a Disease? Can It Be Treated?

Honestly, I'm DIYing my house to death.  Not to mention my hair...  Poor, unfortunate, Rich is exhausted from all the changes.  I made some strawberry jam a couple weeks ago and made a huge mess.  It set up well though and it doesn't always, so that was good.  Then I made something called Monkey Butter that tastes like baby food but the kids seem to like it.  The name intrigued me.  It's bananas, pineapple, & coconut.  It would make a decent cupcake filling.  IF ONLY I HAD A WORKING OVEN....
Digging through my stuff, I had a lot of strip fabric made.  Remember when that was popular?  It's been there for YEARS!  I had always intended to make Edyta Sitar's Coral Bells pattern.  Holy Y-seams, Batman.  I had enough pre-made strips to make 15 blocks before I ran out of off-white fabric.  Once I order more, I'll add alternating solid fabric blocks and a solid cream outer border so the flowers just kind of float around.
Then, I decided to start a red and green project.  This is from Jeana Kimball's book, Red and Green, An Applique Tradition.  Those cutout seeds were a real booger to do.
And, that's about when I decided to paint my kitchen cabinets.  I was washing them down and realized how terrible the oak looked after 17 years of Mantz torture.  Rich and I have disagreed about painting them white since we moved in.  So, we compromised by letting me get what I wanted.
I think it looks great with the island that Hunter made for me last year.  Now, I'd like to change out the back splash and counter top to match the island better.
We also changed the light bulbs to "day light" bulbs and the brightness nearly blinded us after so many years in a cave!  It's also really crazy how the paint changed the acoustics in the room.  Last, but not least, I added chalkboard paint to the tall cupboard for lists and what not.
If I'd known how much work that was going to be, I would have hired it out.  I kept telling myself how much $$ I was saving by doing it myself.  Hunter and Carmen got an estimate for their kitchen cabinets at about $1200-$1500 and our kitchens are about the same size. My paint and supplies came in about $150.  But, I'm going to be 49 next week and I have literally spent the last 2 months sitting on the couch stitching and watching tv.  Let's just say, my fitness level does not meet the requirements of ladders, sanding, squats, and bending over to paint for 5 days straight in our nasty, moldy, basement during monsoon season.  I told Rich, it's the first and last time that I'll ever be glad to have a small kitchen.  With any luck, we'll be ordering a new stove next week.  I CAN NOT WAIT!!  I'm going through baking withdrawals like you wouldn't believe.  There's only so much you can do in an air fryer...


  1. Wow! Loving your new blocks. Y-Seams? I'd have left the room screaming. No way for me but you're doing a GREAT job! Your kitchen looks FABULOUS!!!! I love the clean-looking white cabinets.I hope you get that oven soon. Can't believe you've gone this long without one. Cupcakes are an essential food item during pandemics or so I hear! *wink*

  2. I love your kitchen cabinets! When we moved into this apartment they replaced the cupboards without us knowing their plan and they put in artificial oak that I absolutely hate. We don't dare paint them though because it's against the 'rules'. What bugs me is that they were also installing beautiful white ones in other apartments - argh! As for changing out your backsplash....could you paint it? I'm sure there must be some sort of paint you could use that would seal well and save you all the work of replacing altogether. Just a thought!