Monday, April 27, 2020

Irish Memories

As I've said before, while doing the big room change, I've been confronted with how many unfinished projects I have.  Don't get me wrong, most quilters would think nothing of having 10 or so UFOs lying around.  I don't either really, but I kind of think of myself as a finisher.  Not to mention having to downsize.

Something that I started right before the room change was this crazy quilt tribute to my Ireland trip.  The blocks are small, 6" and there's only 5, so I figured it would be a quick and easy project.  A lot of it was already in my head but now that I've done them, I'm struggling for a few more ideas.  I don't love the multi colored sequin flowers on this block.  But, I love the beaded Celtic symbol and I thought the swirly lace screamed Celtic as well.  Someone pointed out to me that the charm of Ireland is backwards.  Love my beaded triangle symbol.  I'm sure it has a name...
I'm going to have to redo the satin stitching of the heart, it looks terrible.  But, the cottage is adorable!  I got the little bird charm for Christmas from one of my Crazy pals.  Perfect.
I love the sheep and his pal.  Actually, I like most of this block.  I bought the shamrock thinking it was a button.  Nope.  Luckily it had the grooves between the leaves so I could tack it down with something.
I've had that swan broach for a couple of years just waiting for the right moment.  The Celtic braided seam is a favorite.  As is the spoon and tea cup.  One of my absolute favorite memories of Ireland is the flowers there.  They're huge and EVERYWHERE!
And, here's where all the ideas ran out.  I was trying to go off of my personal experiences there rather than random Irish stuff but I may have to adjust my thinking.  I should add some Heather.  I wonder if I could find a ferry charm to remind me of the ride out to Inisheer, or the dog we met while we were there.  I'd like to find a cute little fairy.  Not that I actually saw one on the trip.  I did look, but no luck.
This is rather embarrassing.  I'm not sure how many years ago, but I got 2 Comfort Quilt kits from the guild to finish for donation.  I must have "put them away" and forgot all about them.  These blocks were already made and the borders were pre-cut for me.  Literally just had to assemble and quilt.  
They are both absolutely adorable and whomever made the kits did an amazing job.  This was a panel and it was as square as I've ever seen!  They had to have sized it before cutting.  Her cutting was spot on.  Seriously, I was amazed.  They each took a day to make.  So quick and simple.
I've been doing other things as well, so I'll be back soon with another update.  Stay healthy!

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  1. I really love your Irish blocks - they're fun and filled with meaning for you and that's important. And those quilt kits were a lucky find!