Thursday, December 12, 2019

Dude, That's A Lot Of Butter

Hello, and happy early holidays!  I've only been working part time lately but working harder than usual.  We celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas a week apart.  Then I jumped head first in to Christmas cookies and gifts.  Bethany asked for these stockings a few years ago.  I'm pretty sure she's forgotten all about them by now but they're finally finished.  She's not on FB and doesn't read my blog, so no squealing, please.
My pillow mania continues.  The Santa Belly was finished last year.  I did the candy cane and "snowflake" this year.  Sierra does not think it looks much like a snowflake.  It took 2 weeks to sew all those damn buttons on.  So, I'm still calling it a snowflake, and I'm determined to love it regardless.
Last but not least, I finished block 8 of Hospital Sketches.  I also finished 9 but didn't get a picture yet.  She's adding to the quilt and I think changing the name but I haven't decided if I'm done or not.  I'm running out of purples and background so there will be shopping involved.  Did I mention I'm only working part time?
In other news, I've done 14 batches of cookies, 2 birthday cakes, birthday cupcakes and cupcakes for a cooking contest that Rich entered on my behalf.  So, 14 pounds of butter later... I only have 5 more batches left.  Just this morning, my oven's clock randomly reset itself.  I hope that doesn't mean I broke it again.

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  1. Fourteen pounds of butter?!!!!!!!! Wowzers! That's a lot of butter (but I'll bet everything tastes SOOO good!). Those stockings are adorable and I think your button snowflake looks perfect. Good use for buttons, for sure.