Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Zero to Sixty in 27

I don't have lay off this year but I did go down to part time for a few months.  Not as good of a set up for me but I'll take it.  That basically means more time for sewing and baking.  Lots and lots has happened lately so, I'll try to get you caught up.  I got the borders put on my Beloved Baltimore.  I thought I might add an inner border but when all was said and done, I didn't think it added anything to it.

I also got Stevie's Quilt borders on.  I'm calling it "Daughters, Three".  I embroidered a butterfly for each of my girls.  This did get an inner border.  I mitered the corners and cut those mother truckers too short.  Not once, but twice...  Good thing I had 5 yards of the fabric!  Also, you can't really tell, but the tips are pieced.  Yeah.  My computer really needs a face to palm emoji.  The good news is, Rich walked past this one and I got a "Wow, that's really pretty."  He never does that.  Fist pump.
I think I mentioned my attempts to improve my holiday decor.  Well, I went gang busters on pillows.  I've never done throw pillows before because with 4 kids and lots of dogs over the years, they would be trashed in no time.  Well, I'm making up for it now!  I went from zero to sixty throw pillows in 27 years.

I FINALLY finished the patriotic pillow from Julie Craig's class over the summer.  I thought it was fun but I don't think I'm going to glue things on like she does in the future.  I can't really explain why I didn't care for it but I didn't.  The fringe isn't how she does it.  I improvised with what I had.
I recently cleaned out some drawers in my studio when I came across this embroidery from years ago.  I did it in a class with Catherine Redford.  I didn't learn much from the class except that I don't like mustard yellow as a background.  What was I thinking with that color palette?!  However, I did think it had a fall look and decided to put it with some fun fabric.  That way it's not ugly, it's funky...
Also, I wanted to use up this really old pumpkin fabric.  Bethany helped my choose the vintage leather buttons.
In other news, Hunter installed a new kitchen island for me.  I will share picks when the drawer handles arrive and get installed.  Then, I purchased paint to redo one of the bathrooms.  My in-laws are coming for Christmas this Friday.  I've got a Birthday cake and cupcakes due this Saturday.  Bethany wants a crazy quilt sun wall art piece.  And, and, and, and it never ends.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. The Beloved Baltimore is beautiful. I like that gold pillow too. I think it turned out really Fall-like. Glad you've had a bit of a break even though not your usual lay-off. Quite productive!

  2. Must be something in the air because I've been working on a pillow too. Must admit to a certain amount of horror when I read about glueing things onto crazy quilt pieces - I wonder what it will be like in fifty (or even less!) years when the glue lets go and things start falling off. If I can't sew it on, it doesn't get added. Just me, maybe.