Friday, May 3, 2019

Paducah Quilt Week Part 1

Old town Paducah is so enchanting.  I really hope more businesses move in and keep the area thriving.

I just took pics of the quilts that really grabbed me.  Mind you, there were over 400 quilts at the show, so you'll have to buy the book to see them all.  I bought the book because I'm in it!!!  AAAHHHHH!  This teal and pink quilt had me at first sight.  I just love the color combo and the scrappy teal bits.
Anniversary by Michiyo Hashimoto

Gorgeous Baltimore Album.  There were several in the show, each more beautiful than the last.
Baltimore Album Quilt by Akiko Takahashi
A softer tone with a lovely scalloped border.
Bobby's Garden by Nancy Zachik
I love bird quilts!
Espalier by Jann Webb
My favorite style of roses.  And, the quilting is so sweet.
I Was In Love At Once by Kyouko Tashiro
This was stunning with the oranges against the black.  I'm curious to know how they achieved the fading towards the center.  One big piece pre-dyed for just that purpose?
Roses In Hometown's Park by Toyoko Nakajima
The yellows in this absolutely jump out at you!  It almost looks 3D.
Covered in Leaves by Susan Kelley
This Baltimore Album was perfection as far as I was concerned.
Friends of Baltimore Meet South Texas by kathleen Dombi
This picture doesn't do it justice.  Don't you just love that frog?!
A Walk in the Meadow by Debby Porter and Alicia Edwards
Those intricate borders are actually thread work.
Blue Moon by Mary Lorenz
This one was downstairs in a Japanese exhibit.  Isn't it stunning?  Very reminiscent of the black and white in the museum.  Love the garden gates.

Oh my goodness!  Stunning!  How did that not win?  Just kidding, more like, how did it get in?  But, I'm so super proud of it!  It's a big check off my bucket list.
Art Nouveau by Heather Mantz

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  1. Your quilt definitely deserved to be there - it's every bit as beautiful as the rest!! Each quilt you show drew an 'oooooh' from me as I looked through them. Talk about eye candy!!