Saturday, April 27, 2019

Quilts of Valor, A 50 State Tribute

Impressive numbers!  I didn't realize it but I've been with QOF from ALMOST the beginning.
 During my fantabulous 2 days in Paducah, we had an opportunity to view Quilts of Valor's special exhibit.  They were selling their book Quilts of Valor, A 50 State Tribute.  Two of the contributors were manning the booth and signed my copy for me!  I paid $25 but just found it on Amazon for $20 with free shipping.  And, that my friends is why my business is a bust.  But, that's a story for another day... You know what, screw Amazon, go to and give them the whole $25.  Seriously, don't give Amazon their cut of a sale, at a discount no less, that benefits our military!  **steps down from soap box**
Washington State; Chain of Fours by Kathryn Starcher
I just took a few pictures of my favorites.  Not all states were in the exhibit.  I imagine that would have taken too much room.  Also, I think some of the quilts have already been awarded to the recipients.
Pennsylvania; Fluttering Flag by Nancy King
 Illinois made the cover!  Ooohhh Rahhh!  The book is great.  There's a history of women making quilts for the military from the very beginning.  They've got the 50 state quilts and then also includes patterns for 16 quilts!  Fabulous book!
Illinois; Stars and Stripes by Kelly Harvey

 There's just something about the combination of  Red White and Blue that makes me happy!  What a great place to display such an important organization.  I hope quilters and perhaps hopeful quilters saw these designs as doable.  They're beautiful without being overwhelming. A reachable goal.
Nevada; In Honor Of... by Sharon Reader
This is not the same quilt that was published in the book.  Same pattern but different fabrics.  What I loved about it was that at a glance, you knew it had to be Hawaii.
Hawaii; Wonky Quilt by Linda DeGraw?
A picture of me and Sierra walking around Paducah looking for adventure.  They have a great tile wall.
My righteous new clock I found at an antique store!
On our final day, we ate at Flaming Row.  Great food and really fun atmosphere.  It's a little out of the way but I was so glad we made it.  Fabulous Key Lime Pound Cake...

My trip to Quilt Week was most excellent.  I hesitate to use the term Life Changing because I've been known to be a bit dramatic at times but I think it's pretty accurate.  I did a lot of soul searching and feel very at peace with what I found.  I'll share a lot of pics with you in the near future as well as my enlightened thoughts on life.  I know, I can feel your excitement!


  1. I love your new clock. I have a fondness for old clocks too. Loved seeing your quilt hang in Paducah!!! Made my day!

  2. I've heard so much about Paducah over the years - of course I stand NO chance of ever going there though. So glad your quilt was on display there and I enjoyed reading about the QOV. Such a valuable organization, but too bad there's a necessity for it.