Thursday, February 28, 2019

More Blues and Jewels

I got quite a bit done in my last few days of freedom.  Not only was I teaching at Jackman's but I got some of my own sewing done as well.  Barn Sampler is done except for the outer applique panels.  Then, of course, the actual quilting.  I've since done a button hole stitch in medium blue around all of the applique over the barn.
The last block for the Splendid Sampler 2 for Jackman's.  The presentation is complete as well.  That was a fun day!  I do love talking to people about embroidery!  I didn't realize I could keep these when I was done.  Off to the extra block pile, they go!
February's crazy bird block is finished.  I've got mixed feelings about it.  I always feel like a button collage is a cop out when I can't think of anything else to do in a space.  I've got plenty of time to do something different if the mood hits me, I guess.  Sunday, I'll be talking with our local CQ group about bird nest options and then I'm back at Jackman's on Monday night to teach part 2 of the CQ class.  Fun, fun and more fun.
I got caught up on Stars in Her Crown.  I forget which is which.  The more I read about Queen Victoria, the less I like her.  I started watching PBS's Victoria to get a different view of her but it all seams fairly glossed over in that first season. 
I struggled to find different shades of red, so I settled for some orange and red.
The center pinks needed more contrast but it's passable.  I think there are 2 more and I'm running out of colors.  I might do a light purple?  Maybe a bright orange.  We'll see what I've got.
Next up, prom season and then straight into the quilt show... I'll come up for breath sometime in June.


  1. Love your little embroidered kitty (of course)!!!! Your Blue Quilt is beautiful -- great job!

  2. Your barn sampler quilt is beautiful! And of course I like the CQ block - esp. the clover you embroidered. So pretty!

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