Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Livin' My Life

Hello,  Happy September friends.  I don't have tons to share on the stitching front but I've been super busy livin' my life.

Sierra gifted me Cyndi Lauper tickets for Mother's Day this year.  That happened mid-August?  So much fun.  That chick's still got the lungs!  I want to be her when I'm in my 60s!
 We enjoyed Carmen's Bridal Shower this last weekend.  It was a beautiful party thrown by her mother.  We all had a great time.
The Mantz Women: Carmen, Melissa, Ann, Sierra, Bethany & Heather
 Hunter figured out who the gift was from before it was even unwrapped all the way...
 Surprise, surprise, I made a quilt for them!  I couldn't think of a more appropriate pattern for them than the Trip Around The World.  At least Carmen hopes to continue the travels.  It may take Hunter a while before he "forgets" about the Norway trip.  Naturally, I was binding that quilt 2 days before the party even though I've had 6 months to finish it.
 They're so cute.
 I forgot to show you how cute Raspberry Tart turned out!  I love her hair!
Now, I've started a Rita Verroca project!  I'm so excited about it.  I worked all day Labor Day on it but all I have to show is some stems and leaves.  I'll show you once there is something worth looking at.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Nice to see such a lovely picture of you! And that quilt is a perfect choice for people that love to travel.