Wednesday, August 15, 2018

What Was I Thinking??

It seems that I don't do anything anymore but then I look through my pictures and realize that I'm still puttering around with things fairly regularly.  I think I can share a few of the wedding goings on without giving away too much.  Carmen had a plain basket she wanted decorated for the flower girl.  So, we bought a vintage bread linen and added some ribbon and flowers.  She's using some of the eucalyptus color in her fresh flowers.

 This is my insulated wedding cake carrier.  I did a practice run for work.  I made the whole cake and carried it to my office.  There was NO WAY I wanted to transport a 3 tiered cake for the first time on the wedding day!!  Just a few adjustments need to be made but I think it went really well.

This turned out so terrible!!!!  I'm sad.  So the outer yellow looked the same but then once it was all together, it's clearly much lighter.  I did a big stitch quilting with pearl cotton that I liked but my execution sucked.  It's pretty bunchy in places.  I think that can be fixed with a little blocking.  The worst part is the binding!  Ugh!  (Throwing head back dramatically, back of hand to forehead, very Scarlett O'Hara)  I did a machine faux piping binding and it is atrocious!!  The more I "fixed" it, the worse it got.  It will have to be taken off and redone but for now, it goes to the closet!  I can't stand to look at it right now...
This last weekend I was in Mascoutah for our sewing retreat!  Always a good time.  I decided to make a travel kit in my store colors.  This is the iron caddy that I made.  I just LOVE the floral elastic!  I'd been saving that for a few years.  I knew it would be perfect for something!
 I also made this little carrying case.  I made it inside out by mistake but decided my cute zippers looked great on the outside & decided to keep it the way it is.  The little "pages" go inside and were originally supposed to attach to the bag with Velcro but Katie M and I couldn't figure out why, so again, decided to leave them loose.  I clearly don't read directions well.  Or, I have some undiagnosed learning disability.  Then, with the scraps, I made a little matching thread catcher.  I think I want to add leaves around that rose button.
 I got busy on The Quilt Show BOM.  I thought these blocks turned out really sweet.
 Not bad.
 Ugh, what the heck?  Not awesome but not redo worthy...
 These are fine.
WTF was I thinking????  These are terrible.  The main print is too busy and the other two blues don't have enough contrast.  Redo.
 And, these are sweet.  Thank God, I had Sue H sitting next to me!! I almost started with blocks that I'd already done.  She set me straight and I didn't have to waste a bunch of time!!  Thanks again, Sue!
That sums up the last month, I think.  I've started embroidering some pillowcases because I found we had unembellished pillowcases laying around the house!  Imagine my horror!  I'll share a picture of those later.  Hope you're enjoying your summer!!!


  1. Any time, Heather. I was just paying it forward. After all, it was you that pointed out my leaves were wrong on my Magnolia block! Certainly pays to have friends sewing near you because they will be honest and ask, "What the heck happened to that block?" Lol!

  2. Oh how I feel for you about not being happy with something you've created and that the more you attempt to fix it, the further from your vision it gets. I've been dealing with that exact same thing on my current project and finally cut my losses (quite literally) and re-did the offensive thing. Sometimes you just have to.