Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Doing What I Want, When I Want To Do It

My Trip Around the World blocks have been done and hanging on the design wall for weeks now.  I keep finding same fabrics touching.  I rearrange and then stare at it some more.  I might decide to put them together this weekend, we'll see...  It's also small.  I have a beautiful batik that I could use as a border but I kind of don't like plain borders any more and I don't know what I'd do to jazz it up.  Again, we'll see...

 For no good reason at all, I started a Strawberry Shortcake quilt!  Actually, it's because I wanted to, and that's a good enough reason!  I've been thinking about it FOREVER.  Never feeling like I had a proper reason.  But, I LOVE Strawberry Shortcake!  A lot.  I really needed a fun, non-stressful project and decided she'd be perfect!  I'm using crayons and embroidery to do the blocks.
I downloaded some vintage coloring pages.  You know, because I was using crayons.  They had to be the 80's characters!  I think I may have had this coloring book when I was little.  Blueberry Muffin got a little chocolate on her block.  How on Earth did that happen?...
Apple Dumplin'.  AAwwwww!  I don't have any plans past doing a block for each of the main original characters.  No clue what will happen to turn them in to a quilt/ wall hanging.  Next, Orange Blossom.  I'm a little nervous about getting her skin tone right.
I did manage 1 block of Simple Folk.  I literally, could finish that last leaf in 3 minutes.  So, why don't I?  Because, Meh.  I've really lost interest in this project.  I think I'm at least 2 blocks behind now and the next one comes out next week?
I finally did some crazy quilting!  Last Crazy Quilt class we Margaret taught us how to do these awesome sequin roses!  So I put a bunch of them around the spider web I made on her block.

Then, there's this dude!  He's always by my side, and if he's not, that means he's pooping where he shouldn't be!  The kids were little the last time we had a puppy and I don't think I really enjoyed the experience as much before.  You know, with all that moming I was already doing.  We spend lots of time cuddling which means no stitching for me.  I've got 2 hands and they both need to be loving on him if we're hanging out!
Next week is 6 and 6 in '18 but I haven't worked on any of my UFO's.  I might have to do something this weekend.  If it was a new project earlier in the year is it a UFO a couple months later?


  1. Wow! Is that pooch getting big!!! Your Strawberry Shortcake blocks take me back to when my Sarah was littler. She had a Strawberry Shortcake Big Wheel! Sorry you're losing interest in Simple Folk -- the block is pretty. Have a great week!

    1. Thank you! There's just something so sweet about Strawberry & the gang! Still makes me smile.

  2. I haven't thought about Strawberry Shortcake in years! This project will be such fun to watch as it develops. Maybe if you've lost interest in the Simple Folk project you could cut your losses and make a wall hanging out of the blocks you have completed? Those sequin roses look SO cool!!!

    1. That's a good idea, I will think about it. In the mean time, I'll still collect the blocks. Maybe I'll change my mind later. I think it's the fabrics I chose, not my usual palette.