Tuesday, January 2, 2018

New Year's Check In

 Happy New Year friends!  Hope everyone has been able to stay safe and warm.  Once we were finished with Christmas, I jumped in head first into my UFO list!  I was so busy living life before hand, not much got done.  I finished my Heather Double Wedding Ring quilt top!  I love the way it turned out!  I wish it were bigger.  I probably should have done 2 pkgs of the jelly rolls but to be honest, I was sick of making the same block over and over as it was.  So, it's a lap quilt.

I managed to finish a block for the Beloved Baltimore quilt.  Those tiny pieces are killing me!!  I've already got another project lined up that's going to be nice big pieces!  However, I love this peacock.  The sequin tail is a little over the top compared to the rest of the quilt but if anyone can get away with it, it'll be a peacock. 
 I finished the top to my flamingo quilt as well.  I bought this fabric a couple of years ago.  Bethany had declared that the flamingo was my spirit animal and had one tattooed to her calf... so I bought some matching fabric.  I know, I'm a wild one.  Any who, I was following the Turning Twenty block of the month around the same time and decided to do pink & grey.  Apparently, I missed months 9 & 10, so I had to come up with 2 random star blocks to fill it in.  Also, I just noticed that I missed a few points on my friendship stars!  Grr....  Well, 2 are skipped and one is upside down.  Blech!!  Naturally, I was up to 3am doing it.  I should really stop myself and go to sleep before this crap happens.  But, do I care enough to fix it, is the question.  A question for another day.
 Moving on to the Splendid Sampler.  I had 50 done before I decided enough was enough.  So, I did the Hour Glass quilt block in pink and red to set them.  It turned out better than I expected.  This was another project I wanted to be done with but had put in too much effort not to finish.
 Last but not least, I got caught up on my guild BOM stitching blocks.  I do love embroidery!

 The project so far.  4 more to  go.
I did another quilt that I can't share.  It's a commissioned photo quilt.  I'm really happy with it but won't be able to share until it's final recipient receives it.  Just in case she reads my blog, don't want to give out any spoilers!

I go back to work full time in a couple of weeks but still have much to do.  I'll check back in with you before I go back!  Try to stay out of trouble!


  1. You've certainly been getting a lot done with the time off! I absolutely LOVE your Spelndid Sampler! The reds are gorgeous! Some of the others I have seen look pretty busy but yours is very pulled-together - it is beautiful! I hope to see it in person soon!

  2. The peacock definitely needs some sparkle, no question. Of course I love the embroidered blocks the most, but the Splendid Sampler is gorgeous too!