Thursday, January 4, 2018

6 and 6 2018

I know, I know another UFO list but this is new and improved.  I decided to follow along with 6 & 6 2018 with Pomegranate and Chintz (Australia) and Frayed At The Edge (Scotland).  I have been following Frayed At The Edge awhile now and enjoy hearing about her adventures.  The two joined forces and came up with 6 UFO and 6 new projects for 2018.  A nice balance I can get behind!  So, here we go, things to work on in 2018...

1.  President's Challenge due by May: center block completed
2.  Beloved Baltimore: 14 blocks of 25 completed

3.  Bonny Hunter's En Provence: needs assembly and quilting

4  Heather Double Wedding Ring: needs quilting
5.  Hungarian Heritage: needs quilting
6.  Harry Potter book shelf:  10 blocks complete
I've got a large Baltimore album I'm planning, a t-shirt quilt for Bethany and 3 more t-shirt quilts for Carmen's family.  So, finding new projects will NOT be a challenge!  Maybe you'd like to follow along as well???

Happy Stitching,


  1. I love the 6 & 6 idea (especially since I already have two new projects in mind)! Not sure how many different groups I can manage to follow in a year but I might just jump in on this one too. And Anne is working on Irene's new pattern so I have to follow that one!

    1. I'm using the same list for all of them - hehe.

  2. I love that idea too and I was just about to update my UFO list. I've got 10 of 12 APQ 2018 UFO Challenge projects lined up and had a brilliant idea while driving along this afternoon: I'm going to have 2 float months. When those numbers come up, I'll! either work on one of the 10 already listed OR (more than likely) work on a new shiny project! I guess mine will be 10 & 2 2018! Hahaha!

  3. Such lovely projects! You can do it.

  4. Sounds like you have a great balance of projects to work on. I'm looking forward to seeing them evolve. Oddly enough, I have begun the collection of action hero themed t-shirts for making into a quilt for our grandson's 'big boy bed'.

  5. I have wanated to make a Harry Potter quilt for some time and have collected several of the paper pieced patterns for it. I love how you did a bookshelf one. It is a fabulous idea!

    Hungarian Heritage is TO DIE FOR! That red background is perfectly beautiful!

    Baltomore Albums are always so stunning and yours is no different.

    I just finished quilting the Bonnie Hunter Mystery "Grand Illusion", so I understand what that is all about.

    I wish you well in your endeavors.

    Your blog is SO DARN CUTE! I am adding you to my link list.