Monday, July 17, 2017

Design Board Tutorial

First, you'll want a big area to work with.  Your supplies will be: foam insulation board, Gorilla Tape, straight pins and king size flannel flat sheet.  The foam board was purchased at Home Depot in the insulation section.  It's 4ft wide and 8ft tall, 2 inches thick, purple and had the Pink Panther on it.  I used the board for a year with no cover and it worked just fine but I wanted to be fancy.

My Large Work Area

 I draped the sheet over the foam and used straight pins to keep the sheet stretched and straight.  Please note how I managed to keep that print fairly straight.  I took some effort.  Pin on all four sides.
Pinned into 2" side

 Once all four sides are pinned, I flipped it over and transferred the pins to the back.  I used the Gorilla Tape to secure the edges down.  Duct tape will also work but when I consulted the expert (Rich) he said this was stronger.
Pinned and taped on back to keep stable.
Here's where I thought I could have sewn it into a pocket to make the whole thing removable.  But, I don't think trying to slip that giant board into a sleeve would have been a good time.  I was afraid the king sheet was over kill but I really needed it for the height.  8 feet is pretty long.

Once everything was done, I decided to do a second round of tape just to make sure.

Tape overkill, just to be certain.
My finished design board.  I have it propped up against the wall.  I am considering attaching it to the wall but honestly, it's pretty stable.  It's held it own pretty well all year without the fancy cover.  It would be easier if you chose a sheet without a print but at the time, I couldn't find one.  And, yes, I bought it a year ago certain that this was going to get done right away.  Yep.  Do you have a design board?  What did you use? 

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  1. What a great project! Alas, no room in our little apartment for a design board....not room to store one either. I don't usually do large projects so the back of the pull-out couch in my sewing room works pretty well. Barring that, there's always the floor!