Saturday, March 12, 2016

Batik Me Round Robin

I thought I'd show my work on  Cindi Renaldo's block.  She didn't have any suggestions on what direction to go in, so I went with what I thought was obvious.  The colors just screamed tropical to me.

 My first motif was this koi fish and did a beaded wheat stitch above it.
 Then, I followed the fabric design and did a green and coral feather stitch with little sea horses for the next area.

 For my final motif and seam, I did a herringbone stitch with star beads and coral clam shells.  The fish are made with fly stitches.

Finally, my step daughter is getting married in June and I got to make the garters.  I chose one for the ceremony and one for the party.  Her dad and I eloped to Vegas, so I've never really been involved with a real wedding.  It was pretty fun!


  1. Love your embellishments on the RR block Heather! I especially like the little purple fish and orange seashells! Fun garters too! Congratulations to your step daughter!! Christine x

  2. Your koi is spectacular! The seahorse scene is my favorite though! Great job!

  3. The little koi fish is wonderful! I like the use of sequins for bubbles.