Friday, February 5, 2016

The Final Round Up

This week I headed back to work full time.  It's bittersweet.  I love the people I work with.  I realize how lucky I am just to have ANY job.  If I'm totally honest with myself, I have to admit I'm just a homemaker at heart.  The things that bring me the most joy in life are all domestic endeavors.  However, I live in the real world.  In that real world, I have 4 kids that live at home.  That means 6 cell phones, 10 cars, college tuition and butt loads of groceries. Therefore, I work full-time.
So, I made a mad dash to finish my fun things up before I headed back.  I worked ahead on CQJP 2016.  I did Feb and Mar, just incase things got too busy.  I learned a new stitch in the Feb block.  I'd never done a bouillon chain stitch (peach flower on vine) before, that was exciting. I was able to use my new hand painted button on March's block.  That's a terrible picture of it.  Trust me, the button is beautiful!
 I finally dug in and finished Twisted Mystery 2011(?).  Don't you love Hunter's face.  He gave me several really great expressions to choose from.  I call this one, Mommy Says I'm Special... I waited a few weeks for the designer to get back to me on the inner border size.  She never did, so I had to figure it out on my own.  Then, I remembered that I did the whole thing wrong from the beginning.  That center medallion was supposed be different but I screwed it up.  Which made all of my measurements wrong at each section.  Which was probably why I stopped working on it to begin with!  So, really, if she'd given me a number, it probably wouldn't have worked anyways.  Alas, it's finished now!  I've spoken to Jane Hair about quilting it for me.  She can't work me in by June, so it's not going to be a wedding present after all.  All the other kids loved it, so someone will probably get it someday.
 So Many Plates to Fill got sewn together.  I waited and waited on inspiration for the setting on this quilt.  I was stuck thinking it needed sashing and borders but couldn't decide on anything.  Then, out of nowhere, I decided to just sew them together and leave off all the borders.  I like it, it feels more modern this way.  So, now I just need to quilt it.  That's a total of 3 empty project boxes!

Last but not least, I DID start a new project.  I've got a story tell you about my epic road trip,too.  I think I've mentioned how I want to learn all forms of needlework.  I had done a few Hardanger projects but knew I couldn't call myself proficient.  Then, I was reading a blog  I follow called Sewing After Seven.  Super talented lady!  Look her up.  She's participating in Mabel Figworthy's Round In Circles Stitch Along.  So, I decided to as well.  It's your basic stitch along.  They post a Hardanger pattern each month and then they explain how to do it in 2 bi-monthly installments.  This is January.  There is supposed to be a circle around it but I suck.  The white lines are my feeble attempt at a grid to keep track of my stitches.  As the months progress, so will the difficulty.  Not looking good for me so far.  I think I had to frog and re-stitch everything twice.

So, about that road trip.  You've read 'If You Give A Pig A Pancake', right?  I needed to find Hardanger fabric and was hoping for something more interesting than white.  The embroidery supply stores are limited in this area.  I googled, and could only find 3 that I could confirm were still in business.  I started out at the First and Last Stitch.  A lovely store with great threads and a delightful owner but she's exclusively Needlepoint.  Then drove to Needlepoint Clubhouse, at this point I'm realizing Needlepoint is NOT a poor man's hobby.  Even more beautiful threads here but still no Hardanger.  I knew that my 3rd store was also Needlepoint and decided to skip it. Seriously, 3 Needlepoint stores in St. Louis...?  Weird, right?  So, I decided I was half way to Three French Hens (a designer/ decorator store, heavily advertised in my area).  I'd never been there either and was curious.  Turns out, not my favorite place.  It's basically overpriced imported, pretty, crap.  But, now I know.  Also, now I'm an hour away from home.  But, only 1/2 hour from the Quilted Fox.  Another store I'd never been to.  They ARE worth the trip.  She stocks my silk appliqué thread and I had just run out of light green...But, no Hardanger.  Fine, I give up.  6 hours after leaving the house, I get to Joann's in Fairview (my regular destination).  I buy the Hardanger in white and a packet of green dye.  Head home, dye my fabric and some silk ribbon while I'm at it.  Ta da, I have hand dyed Hardanger fabric for my new project.  It only cost me $6 in supplies and a full tank of gas.  Now I know why everyone buys online.

Thanks for stopping by!  I'll catch up with you soon!


  1. Your mystery quilt turned out absolutely beautiful! I love it! You crazy quilt blocks are fantastic also - I love it all! You accomplished an amazing amount of work over your break. So impressive! But I do have to ask...six adults and TEN cars?!?!?

  2. Wow! You have been busy! Love you CQJP blocks and both your beautiful quilt tops. Good luck with the Hardanger SAL... your first month looks great! Christine x

  3. I am so in love with your Crazy Quilt Blocks! Your embellishments are simply gorgeous! I'm looking forward to seeing your posts with your Hardanger SAL. I'm sure they'll be spectacular too!!!

  4. Heather, your CQJP blocks are gorgeous! (I have yet to try a bullion chain. Yours are lovely!) Your quilt tops are just fabulous! I look forward to following your hardanger adventures. (There's another project on my Someday To Do List.)