Wednesday, July 1, 2015

New Babies, Hearts & Tulips

Hello, dear friends.  How have you been?  It's been wet around these parts the last few weeks.  My old, decrepit basement flooded last week.  I gotta tell ya, the smell was AMAZING!  I decided to clean it myself as a Father's Day present to Rich (that sort of thing has always been his job).  I think I've had a headache ever since.  Damn sinuses!  My allergist assures me I'm not allergic to mold but my head disagrees with his diagnosis.   Everytime I'm near it!  Any who, that stuff's boring!  On to the fun stuff!
A pregnant co-worker came across a picture on Facebook a month or so ago of a little doll in a crocheted cowgirl outfit and fell in love.  She showed everyone, including the girl who sits next to me.  Naturally, Karen says "I bet Heather can make that."  And, that's how baby gifts are born.  I'd already made a quilt that I've shown before.  Now I'm prepared for the next new baby.  When you work with young women, their's always a next new baby.

The color in the picture is off.  The fringe and trim is actually a pale pink.  Was able to watch all three original Star Wars movies and Django Unchained during this project.

Well, a very well baked baby Bridgette is here and I'm guessing too big to fit in this.  So, Mommy's going to have to buy her a doll to wear it...  The hat gave me fits!  My kids were impressed with it though.  Hunter wanted his own crocheted cowboy hat.  He's 21.

I managed to piece together my Hearts and Tulips quilt.  I've got the top banner pattern layed out and started.  My problem now is that it's a lot larger than I envisioned.  The wall it was planned for is no longer an option.  So, now do I add borders all around and call it a bed quilt?  If I do, I think I will leave them solid cream and let the quilter do something great with them.  Maybe some scallops?  It's crap like this that makes me wonder why I didn't sit down and actually do the math before I started.  I never learn.

In case you were wondering, the penis tulip block did not make the quilt.  I did keep the red and blue block.  Dana D. was right, it doesn't look out of place in the grand scheme of things.  At the advice of Ann from TAS, I added some more embroidery to a another block I thought was boring and then felt like it also deserved to stay.

 In my last post I reported that the watermelon block of Roberta Anne With an 'E' was June.  It was actually July.  It took me 20 minutes of frantically searching for my July pattern before I realized it was the one I had just finished.  Please tell me I'm not the only one that does that!

This is August.  The colors look a little fallish to me but I think it's pretty.  I still have no idea about my end game on this one.

Enough with the words!  Time to get ready for work!  Have a lovely day!


  1. Wow! The crocheted cowgirl outfit is ADORABLE! Your Hearts & Tulips is beautiful....I think scallops would be awesome. Love how Bertie is coming along too! Can't believe how much you get done!!!

  2. You are hilarious! Penis tulip block? light of that you might want to insert the "e" you missed in the typo... (I think it's hilarious in a post where you mention penis)... "crotched" should be "crocheted" LMAO Oh sista, I hear you on the already made a block and didn't remember it, looking for something in a panic, only to find it right under my nose...sigh. Welcome to my world of menopause. That crocheted little outfit is just too adorable. :-)

  3. The crocheted cow girl outfit is wonderful. And, the pear and bird (Roberta Anne with an E?) is fabulous. Nice eye candy!